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Efficiency of almost 100% in the production of green hydrogen using seawater

1 Feb 2023

New research on producing hydrogen from seawater could lead to replacing fossil fuels with environmentally friendly hydrogen and is being hailed as a scientific miracle.

According to Professor Shi-Zhang Qiao from the University of Adelaide’s School of Chemical Engineering, the team has achieved nearly 100% efficient splitting of natural seawater into oxygen and hydrogen to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis. This was done using a commercial electrolyzer and a low-cost, non-precious catalyst.

Electrolysis involves dividing water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of electricity, and it requires energy as well as a catalyst to work effectively. Typically, catalysts used in electrolysis tend to be rare and expensive precious metals such as iridium, ruthenium, and platinum. However, the use of a more affordable and widely available catalyst in this research opens up new possibilities for sustainable and efficient hydrogen production read more...

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