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Monarch Energy Sets Sights on Groundbreaking Carbon-Free Hydrogen Production Facility in Ascension Parish with $426 Million Investment

29 Aug 2023

Monarch Energy, a dynamic player in the energy sector committed to revolutionizing hydrogen production through decarbonization, has unveiled ambitious plans to potentially construct a state-of-the-art facility valued at $426 million in Ascension Parish. Envisioned as a pivotal step towards sustainable industrial and chemical processes, the proposed facility aims to harness a carbon-free methodology to generate a substantial 120,000 kilograms of hydrogen daily, effectively ushering in an era of environmentally conscious practices.

Economic Growth and Environmental Responsibility Hand in Hand Should Monarch Energy's visionary project come to fruition, it promises to deliver a host of advantages on both economic and ecological fronts. Anticipating the creation of 44 new direct jobs featuring competitive average annual salaries exceeding $63,000, the project also envisages the initiation of around 300 construction positions during the zenith of construction activities. Notably, the Louisiana Economic Development calculates the potential emergence of an additional 105 new indirect roles, culminating in a promising total of 149 prospective job opportunities within the dynamic Capital Region.

Aligned with Louisiana's Energy Strategy The proposed facility, aligned seamlessly with Louisiana's multifaceted energy strategy, holds the potential to bolster the state's diverse energy portfolio. Governor John Bel Edwards lauds Monarch Energy's resolute commitment to decarbonizing hydrogen production, emphasizing the project's potential to fuel economic growth, facilitate job creation, and reinforce Louisiana's stature as a pioneering hub for innovative energy investments.

Electrolysis: Paving the Path to Green Hydrogen Integral to Monarch Energy's groundbreaking initiative is the application of electrolysis, a groundbreaking technique that employs electricity to effectively disintegrate water into its core components: hydrogen and oxygen. By adopting this advanced methodology, the hydrogen generated attains the coveted status of being "green" or carbon-free, as the production process avoids the release of carbon dioxide and other detrimental greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Embarking on a Promising Timeline With aspirations of a final investment verdict and construction commencement in 2025, Monarch Energy envisions the initiation of commercial operations by 2027. CEO Ben Alingh expresses enthusiasm for partnering with Louisiana Economic Development to foster investment, enrich local communities with job opportunities, and contribute to the energy transition while leaving an enduring imprint on Ascension Parish's industrial landscape.

A Collective Effort Towards Progress As Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment aptly states, Monarch Energy's proposed green hydrogen plant symbolizes more than just an embrace of pioneering technology; it signifies nurturing a thriving workforce and nurturing a sustainable community. The project's impact is poised to span across generations, shaping careers, driving innovation, and igniting long-term prosperity.

Supporting Sustainability Through Comprehensive Incentives The State of Louisiana is firmly behind Monarch Energy's groundbreaking endeavor, substantiating its commitment with a comprehensive incentives package. This package encompasses the holistic workforce development solutions of LED FastStart and a performance-based forgivable loan amounting to $500,000 from the Economic Development Award Program, specifically allocated for infrastructural enhancements. In the event the project advances, participation in the state's Quality Jobs and Industrial Tax Exemption programs is anticipated.

Merging Prosperity and Environmental Responsibility The convergence of economic prosperity and environmental stewardship defines the essence of investments in clean technology. Ascension Economic Development Corporation's president and CEO, Kate MacArthur, underscores the promise this project holds and eagerly anticipates the transformation of potential into tangible prosperity through this groundbreaking initiative.

Pioneering Transitional Energy in South Louisiana In the grand tapestry of the transitional energy landscape evolving through initiatives like the Baton Rouge Carbon Reduction Alliance and the H2theFuture coalition, Monarch Energy's vision for a green hydrogen facility resonates strongly. Adam Knapp, President & CEO of Baton Rouge Area Chamber, foresees a future where collaboration drives progress, as Monarch Energy and Ascension Parish partners collaborate to advance the project, highlighting Louisiana's position as a trailblazer in the realm of net-zero projects.

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