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HGAS1SP PEM Electrolyzer system
ITM Power | United Kingdom

HGAS1SP PEM Electrolyzer system
ITM Power  |  United Kingdom

As prominent Electrolyzer manufacturers, ITM Power introduces the HGAS1SP Plug & Play product, an exceptional offering that combines cutting-edge electrolyzer technologies and essential subsystems to enable the production of high-purity, self-pressurized green hydrogen gas. This innovative product features a single high-efficient PEM electrolyzer stack from ITM Power, alongside a comprehensive array of process equipment, including water clean-up systems, hydrogen purification units, and a PLC control system. The electrolyzer container houses the electrolyzer stack and associated process equipment, while the power supply container incorporates power distribution mechanisms and rectifiers specifically designed for the electrolyzer stacks. By leveraging our advanced electrolyzer technologies, we contribute to the development of the hydrogen infrastructure, offering a seamless solution for producing clean and sustainable hydrogen.

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