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G-Stor H2
Luxfer Gas Cylinders | UK

The G-Stor H2 advantage is our lightweight, impermeable Type 3 cylinder technology. It is also available with Luxfer’s proprietary high-pressure hydrogen electronic solonoid valve, resulting in a certified, cost-effective hydrogen-storage solution that is ideal for fuel cell transit buses, heavy-duty trucks, vans, bulk gas transport, and forklifts.

Many hydrogen-storage systems fitted with G-Stor H2 cylinders and valves are operating around the globe. Luxfer provided G-Stor H2

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G-Stor Pro cylinders
Luxfer Gas Cylinders | UK

Thoroughly tested to applicable global design standards and regulations, G-Stor™ Pro cylinders are used in a variety of applications around the world: such as transit buses; light, medium and heavy-duty trucks; refuse vehicles and bulk gas transportation modules.

Thanks to our unique liner-processing technology, G-Stor Pro cylinders are the highest-capacity, lightest-weight Type 3 alternative fuel cylinders in the world.

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MAHYTEC | France

This tank comes in several sizes, from 160L to 300L and can be arranged in the form of bundle with several tanks. This 300-liters internal volume tank can store about 10kg hydrogen at 500bar. This Type 4 tank is the perfect match for hydrogen refilling stations or for gas transportation.

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Our 850 L tank can store about 4,2kg hydrogen at 60bar. Coupled with an electrolyzer, the generated hydrogen can be directly stored without compression. This Type 4 tank is 3 times lighter than its equivalent in steel, which makes it ideal for applications on remote locations.

Hydrogen Depot

Both Clipper and Safety Pipe Technology (PIP) can be used in hydrogen depots that receive and store liquid hydrogen (-250 degrees C) for local distribution, with the capability to support liquid and gaseous offtake.


Designed to power mobile and nomadic applications, this cylindrical tank has a storage capacity of 20Nl, which is roughly equivalent to 2g of hydrogen. Its compact size makes it an ideal solution for portable hydrogen storage needs.


Crafted in a prismatic shape, this certified tank is designed to maximize thermal exchanges for improved performance. With a storage capacity of 850Nl, approximately 85g of hydrogen can be stored, making it an ideal choice for various hydrogen-powered applications.


Equipped with an integrated heat exchanger, this cylindrical tank enables faster cycles for filling and discharging. With a storage capacity of 2000Nl, equivalent to approximately 200g of hydrogen, the tank is designed to optimize performance.


Supported by the DGA and developed in collaboration with project partners Safran and UFC, this hydride tank is polymorphic and portable, making it easy to transport and use virtually anywhere.


Our Industry Series energy storage products have distinct benefits compared to similar products on the market. Utilizing our modular EnergyCube battery system, our storage solutions can be easily and flexibly scaled. The EnergyCube is a self-sufficient battery with integrated electronics that records and communicates relevant data, allowing for external servicing.

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