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Alkaline Electrolyser Manufacturers List

Containerized Alkaline Electrolyser
John Cockerill | Belgium

Relying on decades of experience in electrolysis and hydrogen, John Cockerill Hydrogen offers a full range of pressurised Containerized Alkaline Electrolyser as well as pressurised and gas treatment equipment.

AEM Electrolyser 4.0
Enapter | Germany

As pioneering Electrolyzer manufacturers, we are proud to present Enapter's groundbreaking technology, featuring a patented anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyser. Our innovative electrolyser stands out with its standardized, stackable, and flexible system, enabling on-site hydrogen production. With an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies, we have integrated advanced software to facilitate seamless setup within minutes and provide remote control and management capabilities. The modular design of our electrolyser ensures versatility, allowing for stacking configurations to achieve the desired hydrogen flowrate. By incorporating these cutting-edge technologies, we contribute to the development of the hydrogen infrastructure, empowering industries and energy sectors with efficient and sustainable hydrogen production solutions.

Alkaline Electrolyzer
John Cockerill | Belgium

As a renowned manufacturer specializing in electrolyzers and hydrogen technologies, John Cockerill Hydrogen possesses extensive expertise in the field. They stand out as leading Electrolyzer manufacturers, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge electrolyzers, including pressurized Containerized Alkaline Electrolyzers, along with advanced equipment for gas treatment and pressurization. Their unwavering dedication to advancing hydrogen infrastructure is evident in their pioneering role within the hydrogen industry. By continuously delivering innovative electrolyzer solutions, they contribute significantly to the development of cutting-edge technologies and the growth of hydrogen infrastructure. With a strong commitment to driving progress in the hydrogen sector, John Cockerill Hydrogen is widely recognized and trusted as a reliable provider in the industry.

Bloom Electrolyzer
Bloom Energy | USA

As leading Electrolyzer manufacturers, Bloom introduces the revolutionary Bloom Electrolyzer, built upon our commercially proven and proprietary solid oxide technology platform, the same technology utilized in our highly acclaimed Bloom Energy Servers. This cutting-edge electrolyzer showcases remarkable versatility, making it ideal for a wide range of hydrogen applications within the hydrogen infrastructure. It excels in harnessing various energy sources, including intermittent renewable energy and excess heat, ensuring optimal flexibility in deployment. Furthermore, when steam is employed as an input, our advanced electrolyzer technology maximizes energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption for hydrogen production. With our innovative electrolyzer technology, we contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies, supporting sustainable hydrogen production and the development of a robust hydrogen infrastructure.

Nel Hydrogen | Norway

Nel, a prominent Electrolyzer manufacturer, offers state-of-the-art water electrolysers designed to optimize your operations and enhance your bottom line. Their cutting-edge electrolyzer technologies enable significant cost reductions, eliminating the reliance on delivered hydrogen and streamlining your processes. By producing hydrogen on-demand, these electrolyzers eliminate the need for hydrogen storage, freeing up valuable floor space and enhancing plant safety. Moreover, when coupled with renewable energy sources, these advanced electrolyzers produce green hydrogen, effectively reducing your plant's carbon footprint and environmental impact. With a strong focus on cutting-edge technologies and the development of hydrogen infrastructure, Nel empowers businesses to embrace sustainable practices while maximizing operational efficiency.

Green ElectrolyzerGreen H2 Systems | Germany

As distinguished Electrolyzer manufacturers, we specialize in crafting tailor-made Green Electrolyzers that are precisely designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. These electrolyzers are customized according to individual requirements, including pressure ranges, flow rates, and gas quality. Our commitment to collaboration and knowledge sharing with end customers is deeply embedded in the development process. This enables us to incorporate valuable operational insights and expertise into the design of our plants. Through the application of cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that our electrolyzers contribute to the advancement of the hydrogen infrastructure, supporting the growing demand for clean and sustainable hydrogen solutions.

HGAS1SP PEM Electrolyzer system
ITM Power | United Kingdom

As prominent Electrolyzer manufacturers, ITM Power introduces the HGAS1SP Plug & Play product, an exceptional offering that combines cutting-edge electrolyzer technologies and essential subsystems to enable the production of high-purity, self-pressurized green hydrogen gas. This innovative product features a single high-efficient PEM electrolyzer stack from ITM Power, alongside a comprehensive array of process equipment, including water clean-up systems, hydrogen purification units, and a PLC control system. The electrolyzer container houses the electrolyzer stack and associated process equipment, while the power supply container incorporates power distribution mechanisms and rectifiers specifically designed for the electrolyzer stacks. By leveraging our advanced electrolyzer technologies, we contribute to the development of the hydrogen infrastructure, offering a seamless solution for producing clean and sustainable hydrogen.


Sunfire, an esteemed Electrolyzer manufacturer, presents a cutting-edge solution in the form of their ultra-reliable pressurized Alkaline electrolyzer. This advanced electrolyzer is specifically designed for applications where steam availability is limited or absent. With a remarkable track record of system lifetime exceeding 90,000 operating hours, Sunfire's electrolyzer has established itself as a trusted choice for renewable hydrogen production. By harnessing their expertise in electrolyzer manufacturing and cutting-edge technologies, Sunfire plays a pivotal role in advancing the hydrogen infrastructure. With a focus on reliability and sustainability, their electrolyzer solutions contribute to the growth of renewable hydrogen production, paving the way for a greener and more efficient future.


Sunfire, a pioneering Electrolyzer manufacturer, introduces a cutting-edge electrolysis solution specifically designed for industrial applications. Their high temperature solid oxide cell electrolyzer (SOEC) stands out as the superior choice, particularly when steam is readily available. Operating at an impressive temperature of 850 °C, Sunfire's SOEC harnesses the power of industrial off-heat, efficiently converting water steam into hydrogen with remarkable conversion efficiencies. By leveraging their advanced electrolyzer technology, Sunfire contributes to the development of cutting-edge technologies and the expansion of hydrogen infrastructure. With a strong focus on innovation, Sunfire's SOEC offers an exceptional solution for industrial applications, delivering unparalleled performance and sustainability.

HyProvide A-Series
Green Hydrogen Systems | Denmark

Developed by leading Electrolyzer manufacturers, the A-Series showcases cutting-edge technologies and is available in standardized, modular configurations, ensuring optimal efficiency, versatility, and scalability. This next-generation electrolyzer stands out as one of the most efficient alkaline electrolysers within the market. It has been meticulously designed to accommodate the inherent input fluctuations associated with renewable energy sources. With its adaptable design, this electrolyzer can be applied across various market segments, contributing to the production of green hydrogen and supporting the development of the hydrogen infrastructure.

HyProvide X-Series
Green Hydrogen Systems | Denmark

The X-Series offered by Electrolyzer manufacturers is built upon a well-established technology that has been refined to meet the demands of the expanding market for large-scale applications in industries such as energy, heavy-duty transport, and other sectors. This cutting-edge electrolyzer is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of the hydrogen infrastructure. Its innovative multi-stack design enables the electrolyzer to operate at higher voltages, which is vital for leveraging cost-effective and highly efficient power electronics commonly used in the wind and solar markets. By operating within the 1000-1500V range, this electrolyzer harnesses the potential of mass-produced, low-cost power electronics to meet the growing demand for hydrogen in various sectors.

HySTAT Alkaline Electrolyzers
Cummins | USA

As distinguished Electrolyzer manufacturers, Cummins offers the renowned HySTAT® system, a modular alkaline electrolyzer designed to provide a seamless on-site installation experience. With a strong focus on cutting-edge technologies, this electrolyzer is designed for easy scalability, allowing for simple interconnectivity to accommodate growing hydrogen infrastructure needs. The HySTAT® system is globally recognized for its exceptional reliability, low maintenance requirements, and on-site safety measures. With a recommended capacity range of 10 - 90 Nm3/h, this electrolyzer is an ideal choice for various projects within the hydrogen infrastructure, enabling efficient and sustainable hydrogen production.

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