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ESG Courses: Empowering a Sustainable Future

ESG Course

Are you passionate about driving positive change and eager to embrace sustainable practices in your business or investments?


Look no further! Our ESG Courses offer you an immersive and insightful journey into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. With our ESG certification course, you'll acquire the knowledge and skills to navigate sustainability intricacies and make enlightened decisions that foster positive transformation.

Our ESG course will be led by Lokesh Joshi, a passionate ESG enthusiast with an impressive 17 years of experience in the field. Having successfully guided numerous participants through the ESG Basics course, Lokesh brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to ensure an enriching learning experience. His dedication and commitment to the subject make him an ideal trainer for those looking to explore the intricacies of Environmental, Social, and Governance practices in depth.

Course Fee ₹1500/-
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The Power of Our ESG Certification Course

The significance of our ESG certification course lies in its potential to address critical global challenges, empowering individuals and organizations to create a profound impact on the world.

Why Opt for Our ESG Course?

By enrolling in our ESG course, you'll join a community of like-minded individuals committed to catalyzing positive shifts in society and the environment. Don't miss this chance to become an ESG pioneer and steer change towards a sustainable future!
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ESG Course Overview and Syllabus

ESG Course Particulars:
Duration: 10 hours 
Format: Online, readings, quizzes, and assignments.
Course Fee ₹1500/-

Aruna Kumar

The ESG course conducted by Lokesh Joshi was truly exceptional. It was brimming with invaluable insights drawn from various industries, supplemented by real-life corporate examples. The knowledge I gained during this course is invaluable and will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in my pursuit of a professional career in ESG.

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ESG Course Trainer

ESG Course participants have the privilege of learning from an outstanding ESG Trainer, Lokesh Joshi. With a solid foundation in Mechanical Engineering, Lokesh brings over 15 years of corporate experience in Management Consulting, Project Management, Product Cost Management, and Business Process Remodeling.


He has made significant contributions at esteemed companies like Ashok Leyland and Hero Motocorp, earning a reputation as a trusted advisor skilled in driving growth and ensuring project success. As the founder of GroKalp Limited, Lokesh is dedicated to empowering businesses with tailored strategies and data-driven insights for sustainable growth while fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.


Beyond his professional achievements, Lokesh is also an author, promoting creativity, innovation, and passion in his book "Live Your Purpose, Follow Your Passion." With his unwavering commitment to these principles, Lokesh Joshi is not only an excellent ESG trainer but also a transformative force for organizations seeking to navigate today's competitive landscape and unlock their full potential.

Course Fee ₹1500/-
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