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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Ballard | Canada

Ballard Power Systems offers complete direct hydrogen backup power solutions designed for critical infrastructure sites. FCgen®-H2PM systems offer high reliability, zero-emission operation and low maintenance and have been deployed worldwide for critical backup power applications.

H 200
H2planet | Italy

H 200 is a fuel-cell system for electric current production at zero emissions. A super-compact 200W system (220W peak), ideal for fuel-cell small applications: modeling, robotics, automation, small electric vehicles or any other portable application

H 300
H2planet | Italy

H 300 is a fuel-cell system for electric current production at zero emissions. A super-compact 300W system (330W peak), ideal for fuel-cell small applications: modeling, robotics, automation, small electric vehicles or any other portable application.

H2m - Hydrogen Generator
Nel Hydrogen | Norway

The H2m Series hydrogen generation system produces 2 Nm³/hr (76 scf/hr) of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas for applications such as materials processing, power plant cooling, electronics applications, etc. These systems benefit hydrogen users by improving supply reliability and site safety, while also reducing hydrogen storage space.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Bloom Energy | USA

Bloom Energy’s Solid Oxide technology plays a critical role in advancing the hydrogen economy.

​Hydrogen’s Role in Reaching Decarbonization Goals
Bloom Energy Server
Dozens of countries have committed to net-zero emissions goals in the coming decades. Hydrogen is required to reach these deep decarbonization goals. It is estimated that 30% of energy-related CO2 emissions are hard-to-abate with electricity alone, providing a massive opportunity for hydrogen.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations
H2 Green Hydrogen | Belgium

Our hydrogen refueling stations offer ranges from a capacity of 100 to 1,000 kg per day at 350 and 700 bar, meeting the requirements of light duty applications and heavy duty applications such as buses and trucks.


Intelligent Energy (IE) has created the IE-DRIVE™ HD, a comprehensive fuel cell system that can produce a continuous power output of up to 100kW.


The IE-DRIVE™ P100 is intended to satisfy the size and performance requirements of both passenger and light commercial vehicles (LCV). It delivers a maximum power of 111kW in a compact form that resembles an engine.

IE-LIFT 1T and 1U

Intelligent Energy's IE-LIFT™ 1T and 1U are exceptional 1kW fuel cell modules designed for man-portable and motive applications. These modules are highly robust and compact, making them ideal for integration into systems that are used in manufacturing facilities, distribution warehousing, and construction sites. The innovative "U-Flow" air management system allows for efficient operation and integration of the module in tight spaces, such as mobile lighting towers, MEWPs, and forklift trucks.


Intelligent Energy's IE-LIFT™ 804 fuel cell module generates clean DC power for stationary power, micro-grids, telecoms, and critical infrastructure. It's a self-contained power solution with balance-of-plant components and 19-inch data rack mount points for easy integration into existing systems.


Intelligent Energy's IE-SOAR™ 1.2kW is a part of our collection of lightweight hydrogen fuel cell products that are geared towards UAV applications. Our fuel cell modules emit zero emissions and offer a distinctive solution to increase the flight duration of drones that are currently restricted by battery limitations.


Intelligent Energy's IE-SOAR™ 2.4kW is a hydrogen fuel cell module designed for fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and VTOL UAV applications where battery technology limits flight duration. Our fuel cell technology utilizes hydrogen and ambient air to generate clean DC power in a durable, cost-effective, and lightweight package. The energy-to-mass ratio of our modules is greater than that of batteries, enabling UAVs to fly farther and longer, and accomplish more.


Intelligent Energy has developed the IE-SOAR™ 800W, a fuel cell module that is designed specifically for VTOL and fixed-wing applications. By utilizing our lightweight fuel cell technology and employing a modular structure, our 800W module provides greater flexibility to end-users and enhances flight time.

Green Hydrogen Systems | Denmark

Project with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. HyProvide A90 electrolyzer for on-site hydrogen generation. Complete turnkey delivery and commissioning by GHS.

ProGen Fuel Cell Engines
Plug Power | USA

Plug’s fuel cells are an economically-viable, sustainable power solution, solving important business challenges by providing enhanced productivity and uptime.

SureSource Hydrogen
FuelCell Energy | USA

Fuel cell power plants sited at wastewater treatment facilities convert biogas into power and heat for the wastewater treatment process and renewable hydrogen for transportation

Unicorn Energy fuel cell

The Unicorn Energy fuel cell allows you to possess a compact power generator that is constantly available and doesn't rely on the power grid. The fuel cell automatically and effectively charges all popular 12 or 24 V battery types in an eco-friendly, quiet manner.

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