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Biezel Green Energy (BGE) is a pioneering Indian renewable energy company that has developed an innovative electrically powered ThermoChemical Cell. This cell utilizes a unique fractionation process called TAD (Thermally accelerated Anaerobic Digestion) technology to convert Biomass into Bio-coal, along with the production of Hydrogen and Methane (Natural/Biogas).

The TAD technology developed by BGE is a significant breakthrough in the field of renewable energy. It achieves a feed-to-fuel conversion efficiency of close to 45% by mass, with complete fragmentation of Biomass in Hydrogen, Methane, Bio-Coal, CO2, and Tar. This process ensures that there is no waste generated during the conversion of Biomass to biofuels.

BGE's electrically powered Thermochemical Cells, also known as TAD reactors, can process any Biomass and organic wastes, making them an ideal solution for the growing need for carbon-neutral biofuels. The TAD reactors have the potential to revolutionize the renewable energy industry by providing a sustainable and efficient solution for the conversion of Biomass into biofuels.

Biezel Green Energy has been at the forefront of the Indian renewable energy industry, developing innovative technologies that help reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels. The company's commitment to sustainability and renewable energy has led to the development of the TAD technology, which offers a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

The TAD technology developed by BGE has several advantages over other biomass-to-energy technologies. It is a highly efficient process that can convert Biomass into biofuels with minimal waste. Moreover, it is a carbon-neutral process, which means that the process does not generate any greenhouse gases.

BGE's TAD technology has the potential to transform the renewable energy industry by providing an efficient and sustainable solution for the production of carbon-neutral biofuels. The technology can be used to convert a wide range of Biomass and organic wastes into biofuels, making it a highly versatile solution for the growing demand for clean energy.

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RAMPUR SHAKTESHGARH, Saktesgarh, Chunar, Uttar Pradesh 231304, India


+91-7309277565, 9696686198

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