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Ceres is recognized as a leader in the field of climate technology. It enables some of the most innovative companies to implement clean energy solutions on a large scale and in a timely manner.

Ceres aims to build an ecosystem where manufacturing partners, today Bosch and Doosan, will supply stacks to system partners, generating royalties on both the stacks and systems sold. Ceres aims to:

  • enable system partners to embed the technology into as many applications as possible;

  • enable manufacturing partners to establish global supply to meet this demand; and

  • stay ahead on technology through continuous innovation and investment in R&D.

Ceres aims to play a central role in the global transition to clean and affordable energy, in order to help address the issues of climate change and air pollution. The organization's growth strategy is centered around licensing its technology to global OEM partners and generating royalties as those partners achieve full-scale commercialization. Ceres is focused on meeting the needs and expectations of its licensees, for whom operational excellence, added value, and robust delivery are key priorities. Additionally, the company is dedicated to scaling up its operations, growing its pilot manufacturing in the UK, and refining and adapting its technology for further and future applications. Ceres is proud to be setting the pace and standards for solid oxide technology and contributing to addressing the major challenges of climate change and air quality.

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Viking House, Foundry Lane, West Sussex, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5PX, UK



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