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EvolOH's revolutionary electrolyzer solution is the game-changer that the hydrogen industry has been waiting for. With our platform, delivering hydrogen at a scale that was once only a dream is now a reality.

Our complete redesign of the electrolyzer solution was made with the real-world needs of systems integrators and plant operators in mind. Decades of experience in the hydrogen industry have helped us create a solution that will jumpstart your hydrogen project and make it succeed at scale.

One of the major advantages of our solution is its low cost. We use materials that are available domestically and locally, with nothing precious or rare required. This makes our solution not only cost-effective but also sustainable.

In addition to being low cost, our solution is also simple to operate. We use just pure water, with no need for caustic fluids or delicate pressure balances to manage. This simplicity ensures a robust operation and reduces the chances of downtime or maintenance.

The compact and lightweight design of our solution is another significant advantage. It simplifies logistics, installation, and maintenance with the smallest installed footprint available. This means you can have a reliable and efficient hydrogen production system even in small spaces.

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3503 Edison Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States


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