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Rinaldo Brutoco founded the World Business Academy, a nonprofit think tank, and action incubator, in 1987. The Academy aims to explore the role of business in addressing critical moral, environmental, and social issues of our time. Its primary focus is on how businesses can contribute to solving humanity's most significant challenges, with particular emphasis on climate change and energy security. One of the Academy's key initiatives was the publication of the book 'Freedom from Mideast Oil' in 2007, co-authored by Rinaldo, where he outlines the case for Hydrogen as the only viable carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels.

In pursuit of the Hydrogen Economy, the Academy identified transportation as the most significant bottleneck in realizing its full potential. This clarity led to the birth of H2C (H2Clipper, Inc) within a year of the Academy's research.

H2C was incorporated on June 10, 2011, and in 2012 was granted the first patent for their "System, method, and apparatus for widespread commercialization of hydrogen as a carbon-free alternative fuel source." H2C aims to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen as a fuel source by providing a breakthrough in transportation and infrastructure, which can compete with fossil fuels in terms of cost.

H2C provides the only fully integrated solution for transporting vast quantities of energy-dense liquid hydrogen for long-haul transportation and distributing gaseous hydrogen for last-mile delivery. The company's commitment to the Hydrogen Economy is grounded in the belief that green hydrogen can provide a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to fossil fuels.

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1101 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA


(805) 892-4800

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