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Nel is a global leader in the development and delivery of hydrogen technologies, providing optimal solutions for the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen from renewable energy sources. With a proud history dating back to 1927, Nel has been at the forefront of hydrogen technology development and continuous improvement.

Today, Nel's hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain of hydrogen production, storage, and distribution, offering industries, energy companies, and gas companies the opportunity to transition to green hydrogen and reduce their carbon footprint. Nel's advanced technology and expertise enable industries to produce and use hydrogen in an efficient and sustainable manner, while also enabling all fuel cell electric vehicles to achieve the same fast fueling and long range as fossil-fueled vehicles - without any harmful emissions.

As a global, dedicated hydrogen company, Nel is committed to delivering leading hydrogen technology solutions to its customers around the world. Whether you need hydrogen production technologies or hydrogen fueling stations, Nel has the expertise and experience to deliver optimal solutions that meet your specific needs. Trust Nel to be your partner in the transition to a green hydrogen future.

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Karenslyst Allé 49, 0279 Oslo, Norway


+47 23 24 89 50

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