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Uniper Hydrogen Solutions is a leading provider of innovative hydrogen solutions for a sustainable and decarbonized energy future. With a focus on unlocking the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, Uniper is dedicated to developing and implementing advanced technologies and infrastructure to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen-based economy.

Uniper offers comprehensive hydrogen solutions that encompass the entire hydrogen value chain. From production and storage to distribution and utilization, their expertise covers a wide range of applications and sectors. They work with industry partners, governments, and research institutions to drive innovation, collaboration, and the widespread adoption of hydrogen technologies.

The company's hydrogen solutions include electrolysis-based hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and transportation systems, hydrogen refueling stations for transportation, and hydrogen integration into industrial processes. Uniper combines their extensive energy experience with cutting-edge technologies to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients and contribute to carbon reduction goals.

Uniper's commitment to sustainability extends beyond hydrogen solutions. They prioritize environmental responsibility and actively pursue renewable energy integration, energy efficiency measures, and emission reduction strategies across their operations. By aligning their business goals with environmental objectives, Uniper strives to lead the energy transition and create a more sustainable future.

With their expertise, commitment to innovation, and focus on collaboration, Uniper Hydrogen Solutions is driving the development of a hydrogen economy. Through their advanced hydrogen solutions, they are playing a vital role in decarbonizing industries, promoting clean transportation, and fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem that supports a greener and more sustainable world.

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Uniper SE, Holzstraße, Düsseldorf, Germany


+49 211 73275-0

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