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ACME Cleantech to Build 1.1 mt Green Ammonia Plant with 5 GW Solar Power Capacity in Tamil Nadu

2 Mar 2023

Umwelt Energy, a Denmark-based company, is set to invest $850 million in Tamil Nadu to build a green methanol plant. The CEO of the company, Alexander Eriksen, disclosed this during a visit to India on Wednesday. The plant will be located in southern Tamil Nadu, although the exact location has not been disclosed.

According to Saibaba Vutukuri, the Managing Director of Umwelt Energy India, the plant will be able to produce 1 lakh tonnes-per-year of green methanol. It will be a fully integrated plant, starting from 500 MW of wind-solar hybrid plants, which will supply electricity to an electrolyser to produce green hydrogen. The green hydrogen will then be reacted with carbon dioxide to form methanol.

Eriksen and Vutukuri were part of an energy delegation that visited the IIT Madras Research Park, along with His Royal Highness, Federik, the Crown Prince of Denmark. The delegation participated in a conference on 'next generation fuels.' Umwelt Energy's website states that their project platforms integrate renewable power generation, electrolysis plants for green hydrogen, and eFuel synthesis plants for methanol, ammonia, kerosene, and gasoline. Off-takers for their eFuel products will include maritime and aviation customers, while heavy industry players can abate their CO2 emissions using the green hydrogen produced by the company.

Meanwhile, ACME Cleantech Solutions has announced plans to put up a 1.1 mt green ammonia plant coupled with 5 GW of solar power capacity in the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. The company is also building an identical plant in Oman. However, ACME will require 20,000 acres of land to house its ambitions in Tamil Nadu.

Wind-solar hybrid plants are gaining traction globally, as they are efficient and cost-effective sources of renewable energy. The IIT Madras Research Park has been at the forefront of research and development in the field of renewable energy. It is therefore no surprise that the energy delegation led by His Royal Highness, Federik, included a visit to the research park.

The production of eFuel is also gaining popularity as a way of reducing carbon emissions. eFuel is a liquid fuel made from renewable energy sources, and it can replace fossil fuels in various industries, including aviation, shipping, and heavy industry. Umwelt Energy's investment in Tamil Nadu is a step in the right direction towards achieving a carbon-neutral future.

ACME Cleantech Solutions is also contributing to the growth of the renewable energy sector in Tamil Nadu with its ambitious green ammonia plant. The plant will help to reduce carbon emissions significantly, while also providing a reliable source of energy for the region.

In conclusion, the wind-solar hybrid, IIT Madras Research Park, Federik, eFuel, ACME Cleantech Solutions, and ACME Cleantech are all crucial players in the renewable energy sector in Tamil Nadu. Their investments and contributions will help to drive the region towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

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