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Adani Green Energy Powers Up with Completion of Massive Wind Project in Gujarat

14 Mar 2024

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), the champion of renewable energy in India, has successfully completed a colossal 300 MW wind power project in Gujarat!

Here's why this is a big deal:

  • Clean Energy Champion: This project adds a whopping 300 MW to AGEL's already impressive portfolio, solidifying their position as India's largest renewable energy leader with a total capacity of 9,604 MW.

  • Powering Homes and Fighting Climate Change: The project is estimated to generate a significant 1,091 million electricity units annually, providing clean power for countless homes and businesses. Even better, it will help avoid a staggering 0.8 million tons of CO2 emissions each year, making a significant dent in the fight against climate change.

  • Tech-Powered Efficiency: AGEL is at the forefront of innovation, utilizing their cutting-edge cloud-based platform, Energy Network Operations Centre (ENOC), to monitor and optimize the project's performance in real-time. This ensures maximum efficiency and industry-leading results.

  • Wind Power for a Brighter Future: Adani Green acknowledges the critical role of wind energy in India's energy mix, particularly for grid stability when combined with solar and other renewable sources.

This wind power project is a significant milestone for Adani Green and a testament to their commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future for India. By harnessing the power of wind, AGEL is helping to create a brighter tomorrow, one clean kilowatt at a time.

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