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Adani Green Lights Up Gujarat with 551 MW Solar Plant, Aims for World's Largest Renewable Park

14 Feb 2024

From Barren Terrain to Mega Solar Hub: Adani Green Lights Up Gujarat with Ambitious Khavda Project

Key Points:

  • 551 MW Solar Capacity Commissioned: Adani Green Energy completes first phase of Khavda renewable energy park in Gujarat.

  • 30 GW Ambition: Company plans to develop a massive renewable energy hub in Khavda over the next five years.

  • Global Leadership: Upon completion, Khavda RE park is expected to be the world's largest renewable energy installation.

  • Setting Benchmarks: Project showcases Adani Green's commitment to giga-scale renewable energy development.

  • Largest Operating Portfolio: With this addition, AGEL boasts the largest operational renewable energy portfolio in India.

  • Rapid Execution: 551 MW capacity completed within 12 months, highlighting efficient project management.

  • Focus on Sustainability: Development prioritizes infrastructure, connectivity, and social ecosystem creation.

Adani Green Energy has taken a significant step towards clean energy leadership with the commissioning of a 551 MW solar power plant in Gujarat. This marks the first phase of the ambitious Khavda renewable energy park, aiming to become the world's largest such installation upon completion.

Project Highlights:

  • Capacity: 551 MW solar power plant operational in Khavda, Gujarat.

  • Future Expansion: Plans to develop an additional 29.45 GW of renewable energy capacity in the park over the next five years.

  • Global Recognition: Upon completion, Khavda RE park is expected to surpass all existing renewable energy parks in terms of capacity.

  • Leadership Position: Adani Green Energy already holds the largest operating renewable energy portfolio in India with over 9 GW.

  • Efficient Execution: Completed the first phase within 12 months, demonstrating agile project management capabilities.

  • Sustainable Approach: The development prioritizes infrastructure, connectivity, and social ecosystem creation for long-term benefits.


  • "Adani Green Energy is creating one of the world's most extensive renewable energy ecosystems for solar and wind," said Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group.

Significance and Impact:

  • This project represents a major step towards India's clean energy goals and contributes to combating climate change.

  • Adani Green Energy's leadership in large-scale renewable energy development sets a benchmark for other companies and countries.

  • The success of Khavda RE park could attract further investments and accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

With this ambitious project, Adani Green Energy has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the global renewable energy race. The successful execution of Khavda RE park will have significant implications for India's energy security and sustainability, potentially inspiring other nations to follow suit.

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