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Adani Green Scores Big: $400 Million Funding Fuels Sun Power Projects

8 May 2024

Green Giant Adani Green Energy just secured a whopping $400 million windfall!  

Here's the scoop on how this funding boost will accelerate India's clean energy future:

Cash Infusion for Clean Power:

  • $400 Million Green Bonanza:  Adani Green has secured a hefty $400 million from a consortium of international banks to fuel their 750 MW solar power projects.

  • Rajasthan & Gujarat Get Greener:  These projects span across Rajasthan and Gujarat, bringing clean energy to both states.

Power Projects with a Punch:

  • Long-Term Power Play:  One project boasts a 500 MW capacity with a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with SECI.

  • Merchant Power on the Rise:  The other project is a 250 MW standalone merchant power project, showcasing Adani Green's diversification strategy.

Global Backing for Green Goals:

  • Banking on a Greener Future:  The loan providers include big names like Cooperative Radobank U.A., DBS Bank Ltd, and more.

  • Sustainable Financing:  This loan is certified as a 'green loan' by Sustainable Fitch, highlighting Adani Green's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Building a Greener Grid:

  • Powerhouse Performance:  Adani Green currently boasts an operational capacity of over 10,900 MW, delivering clean energy across India.

  • Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Power:  Their diverse portfolio includes solar, wind, and wind-solar hybrid power plants.

Financing the Future:

  • Merchant Exposure Boost:  This funding will help Adani Green strengthen its presence in the merchant power market.

SDG Champion:

  • Sustainable Development Goals in Sight:  Adani Green's commitment to clean energy aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 7 for affordable and clean energy.

Adani Green's $400 million funding coup is a major win for India's clean energy ambitions. This collaboration between a leading renewable energy player and international banks paves the way for a brighter, more sustainable future!

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