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AI to the Rescue! Berlin Startup Makes Buying Green Energy a Breeze for Businesses

16 May 2024

Remember the energy crisis?  Suddenly, businesses scrambled for renewable energy solutions.

Enter trawa, a Berlin-based startup using AI to simplify green energy purchasing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Here's how they're changing the game:

From Crisis to Opportunity: trawa's Green Spark

  • Born from Chaos: Russia's invasion of Ukraine highlighted the need for renewable energy security. trawa offers a solution!

  • €10 Million Funding Boost:  Their recent funding round fuels their mission to make green energy accessible to SMEs.

AI Meets Green Energy: A Powerful Match

  • Smart Shopping for Businesses:  trawa's AI platform helps SMEs buy renewable energy while understanding their consumption patterns.

  • Cost Savings and Sustainability:  By optimizing purchases, trawa claims businesses can save up to 30% on energy costs and go green!

How trawa Works: Your Green Energy Guru

  • No More Procurement Puzzles:  trawa empowers SMEs, who often lack energy expertise, to navigate the complexities of buying renewable energy.

  • Custom Green Solutions:  Their AI tailors energy plans to fit a company's specific needs, including existing solar panels or battery systems.

  • Winning on All Fronts:  trawa offers cost savings, sustainability benefits, and even helps with ESG reporting!

Big Investors Back Big Ideas:

  • Industry Leaders on Board:  Balderton Capital and climate tech investor AENU are among the backers of trawa's innovative approach.

trawa's Impact: A Greener Future for Businesses

  • Early Adopters Embrace Change:  Several companies in the DACH region, including textile, hospitality, solar, logistics, and automotive sectors, are already benefiting from trawa's solutions.

With soaring energy prices and climate concerns, trawa's AI-powered platform is a beacon of hope for SMEs seeking a secure and sustainable energy future.

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