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Airbus UpNext Partners with R&D Dynamics to Revolutionize Aircraft Power Generation with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

30 Aug 2023

Innovative Collaboration Sets the Stage for Green Aviation Advancements

Connecticut, USA: Airbus UpNext, a forward-thinking division of Airbus dedicated to exploring cutting-edge technologies, is embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration with R&D Dynamics Corporation to propel aviation into a new era of sustainable power generation. The collaborative effort aims to replace the conventional onboard auxiliary power unit (APU) on an A330 aircraft with a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell system that generates electricity.

R&D Dynamics Corporation, a Connecticut-based leader in research, design, and manufacturing of energy-efficient, oil-free, foil-bearing supported high-speed turbomachinery, has been awarded a contract by Airbus UpNext to develop air compressors for this pioneering demonstrator aircraft. The project seeks to harness the potential of hydrogen fuel cells to provide non-propulsive power, essential for applications like onboard lighting and air conditioning.

Traditional aircraft rely on non-propulsive power for various inflight functions, and this collaboration envisions a future where such power is generated through hydrogen fuel cells, reducing carbon emissions and advancing the cause of environmentally-conscious aviation. The hydrogen fuel cell system will replace the APU on the A330 aircraft, heralding a significant step towards green aviation practices.

Dr. Giri Agrawal, President and CEO of R&D Dynamics Corporation, expressed pride in the collaboration: "R&D Dynamics is proud to be sought out and contracted by Airbus UpNext on this important program."

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions As the aviation industry seeks innovative solutions to mitigate its environmental impact, the collaboration between Airbus UpNext and R&D Dynamics showcases the potential of hydrogen fuel cells to revolutionize power generation in aircraft. By embracing cutting-edge technology and fostering collaboration between industry leaders, the aviation sector takes significant strides towards reducing its carbon footprint.

The innovative project not only underscores the commitment of Airbus UpNext to shaping the future of aviation but also demonstrates the capabilities of R&D Dynamics in developing energy-efficient, state-of-the-art turbomachinery. The collaboration highlights the importance of collective efforts in driving sustainable aviation practices forward.

Shaping the Future of Aviation With an unwavering focus on sustainable aviation advancements, Airbus UpNext and R&D Dynamics are redefining the possibilities of power generation in aircraft. As the aviation industry transitions towards cleaner energy sources, this partnership stands as a testament to the transformative potential of hydrogen fuel cells in shaping the future of aviation.

As developments continue, the collaboration between Airbus UpNext and R&D Dynamics promises to pave the way for more efficient, environmentally-friendly aviation practices, solidifying their roles as pioneers in sustainable air travel.

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