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Alpine Revs Up for the Future: Hydrogen V-6 Might Hit the Road

21 May 2024

French automaker Alpine is setting its sights on the future with a bold plan: a hydrogen-powered V-6 sports car!

This eco-friendly twist on the classic combustion engine could be a game-changer for the brand.

Alpine Goes Green (Without Giving Up Speed)

  • Electric Avenue:  Alpine is joining the EV race, bringing its electric A110 to the US in 2026, alongside an SUV and a sleek sedan in the coming years.

  • But Wait, There's More!  Alpine isn't abandoning the combustion engine entirely. They're exploring hydrogen power as a clean alternative to fossil fuels.

  • Hydrogen V-6: A Powerful Possibility:  The Alpenglow concept, a futuristic sports car, might be getting a hydrogen-powered V-6 engine with over 340 horsepower!

From Concept to Reality: The Alpenglow's Journey

  • Alpenglow Evolves:  This concept car started as a showstopper, and now Alpine is seriously considering a production version.

  • Third Time's the Charm:  A third iteration of the Alpenglow is in the works, designed to be closer to a real-world car you can drive!

  • Engine Swap on the Horizon:  The current four-cylinder engine will be replaced later this year with the much-anticipated hydrogen V-6.

The Road Ahead: Electric and Maybe Hydrogen

  • A110 Nears Retirement:  The beloved mid-engine A110 won't be around forever, but Alpine promises an exciting electric replacement.

  • Seven-Car Future:  Alpine's lineup is set to expand to seven models, focusing primarily on electric vehicles, with the possibility of hydrogen joining the mix.

  • Uncertain Stateside Fate:  While the US will get a taste of Alpine's electric future, the hydrogen V-6's arrival remains to be seen.

Alpine is taking a bold step towards a sustainable future. Their exploration of hydrogen power in a high-performance car is a sign of innovation in the auto industry. Will we see a hydrogen V-6 scorching the streets someday? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: Alpine's got us excited for what's to come!

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