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Alstom's Hydrogen Train Makes Tracks as a World-Changing Idea

21 May 2024

All aboard the green train! Alstom's Coradia iLint, the first hydrogen-powered train in the Americas, has been recognized as a finalist in Fast Company's prestigious World Changing Ideas list!

Coradia iLint: A Breath of Fresh Air for Transportation

  • Championing Clean Travel:  The Coradia iLint is a game-changer, offering sustainable train travel with zero emissions – only water vapor comes out!

  • Passenger Power:  This innovative train successfully carried over 10,000 passengers during a Quebec demonstration project, proving its potential.

  • Innovation Recognized:  Fast Company's acknowledgement highlights the Coradia iLint's role in shaping a greener future for transportation.

Teaming Up for Green Success

  • Alstom's Green Dream Team:  This project involved a powerful collaboration between Alstom and partners like Train de Charlevoix and green energy experts.

  • Green Hydrogen for the Win:  The Coradia iLint is powered by clean hydrogen, produced from renewable resources, making it a truly eco-friendly choice.

  • Setting the Stage for Wider Adoption:  The project's success paves the way for more hydrogen-powered trains across North America.

Coradia iLint: A Trailblazer in Hydrogen Technology

  • A Global Pioneer:  The Coradia iLint wasn't just the first hydrogen train in the Americas – it was also the world's first to carry passengers!

  • Impressive Track Record:  This innovative train has already racked up a whopping 2.8 million kilometers on hydrogen fuel.

  • Award-Winning Innovation:  The Coradia iLint project has garnered multiple awards, including the CUTA Environmental Sustainability Award and the Hydrogen Mobility Award.

Alstom's Coradia iLint is more than just a train; it's a symbol of a sustainable future for transportation. With its impressive performance, eco-friendly credentials, and growing recognition, the Coradia iLint is setting the tracks ablaze for a greener tomorrow!

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