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Amp Energy Sets Sail for Gigantic Green Hydrogen Project in Australia

23 May 2024

Get ready for a clean energy wave! Amp Energy is revving up construction on a massive green hydrogen project in South Australia. This game-changer has the potential to be a major player in the global shift towards renewable energy.

Amp Energy & Iron Road: A Green Dream Team

  • 10 Gigawatts of Green Power:  Amp Energy and mining company Iron Road have joined forces to develop the Cape Hardy Advanced Fuels project, a green hydrogen facility with a whopping 10 GW of planned electrolyzer capacity!

  • South Australia's Green Hub:  Located on the Eyre Peninsula, this project will be a major hub for green hydrogen and ammonia production.

Full Steam Ahead on Green Hydrogen Production

  • Phased Approach:  The project will kick off with an initial 1 GW phase, gradually scaling up to reach its full 10 GW potential.

  • More Than Just Hydrogen:  The facility will also produce clean ammonia, methanol, and even sustainable aviation fuel!

  • Exporting Clean Energy:  Amp Energy is aiming to supply both Australia and international markets with this clean energy solution.

Building the Infrastructure for a Green Future

  • Australia's First Clean Fuel Export Terminal:  A brand new export terminal will be constructed to facilitate the distribution of clean fuels produced at the facility.

  • Desalination Plant Partnership:  The project will utilize a nearby seawater desalination plant to ensure a sustainable water source.

  • Job Creation Powerhouse:  This project is estimated to generate thousands of jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Amp Energy's Cape Hardy project is a significant leap forward in the green hydrogen revolution. By producing clean fuel at scale, this project has the potential to transform Australia's energy landscape and contribute to a greener future for our planet.

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