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Amplus Solar Shines Bright with New 360 MW Solar Plant in Rajasthan

29 Feb 2024

A Solar Powerhouse with a Sustainable Soul

Amplus Solar is beaming with pride after launching a massive 360 MW solar power plant, Project Jai, in Rajasthan – a major milestone for India's clean energy sector.

Here's the solar scoop:

  • Project Jai, located in Jaimalsar village, Bikaner, will provide clean energy to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers across India, helping them go green.

  • This landmark project marks Amplus Solar's expansion into large-scale solar and reinforces its role as a key player in India's renewable energy journey.

  • Project Jai boasts cutting-edge technology, like bi-facial solar modules and robotic cleaning systems, showcasing Amplus' commitment to innovation and sustainability.

  • The robotic cleaning system is a water warrior, saving an estimated 50 million liters of water annually.

Amplus Solar's CEO, Sharad Pungalia, is proud as punch, calling Project Jai a testament to the company's experience and a historic moment for their 10th anniversary.

This solar giant's success story is more than just watts and panels – it paves the way for a brighter, cleaner future powered by renewable energy.

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