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An enhanced green hydrogen generator from SunHydrogen, which employs nanoparticle technology and boasts a larger size, has been unveiled.

17 Feb 2023

The recently developed system for producing clean H2 has been engineered to achieve cost-effectiveness on a large scale.

SunHydrogen Inc. has made an announcement about their revolutionary green hydrogen generator system, which employs nanoparticle technology and is larger in size than any other system of its kind. The unveiling of this innovative technology was presented through a new solar panel design that accommodates several H2 generators. SunHydrogen, a technology developer for the creation of green hydrogen production systems that utilize sunlight and water, has taken a significant step with this latest version of their system, which features a solar panel that includes 16 times more area for H2 generation and multiple generator arrays. These enhancements have been implemented to enable the system to produce much higher quantities of H2 than previous iterations. This breakthrough technology is a first of its kind in the world read more...

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