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BMW iX5 Hydrogen Completes Successful Hot-Weather Testing in Desert

8 Sept 2023

BMW's commitment to hydrogen technology takes a significant step forward as the iX5 Hydrogen undergoes intensive hot-weather testing in the challenging conditions of the Middle East, specifically the United Arab Emirates desert.

Rigorous Testing in Extreme Conditions:

  • The BMW iX5 Hydrogen, part of BMW's hydrogen fleet, recently completed a series of demanding hot-weather tests.

  • Temperatures in the United Arab Emirates desert soared up to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit), creating an ideal environment for testing the vehicle's hydrogen system.

Hydrogen System Overview:

  • The iX5 Hydrogen is equipped with a hydrogen system comprising carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic tanks with a combined capacity of approximately 6 kg (13 pounds) of hydrogen, a battery, and an electric motor.

  • During testing, the interplay of these components and their performance under extreme heat and environmental conditions were evaluated.

Positive Results and Ongoing Development:

  • While specific details of the test results were not disclosed, BMW confirmed that the iX5 Hydrogen and its alternative fuel system withstood the rigorous hot-weather testing.

  • BMW's commitment to hydrogen technology extends beyond vehicle development, as the company actively participates in the establishment of a comprehensive hydrogen refueling network accessible to all hydrogen vehicles, regardless of make or size.

Production Consideration:

  • Although BMW is considering the production of the iX5 Hydrogen, no final decision has been made regarding its mass production.

  • The vehicle, in its current configuration, boasts a total power output of 401 horsepower from the combined fuel system and eDrive, with a range of 504 km (313 miles) based on the WLTP cycle.

BMW's dedication to advancing hydrogen technology and its successful hot-weather testing of the iX5 Hydrogen demonstrate the company's commitment to exploring alternative green energy solutions. As hydrogen gains prominence in the automotive industry, BMW's ongoing efforts may contribute to the broader adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

BMW's iX5 Hydrogen achieves a significant milestone by completing rigorous hot-weather testing in the challenging conditions of the United Arab Emirates desert, showcasing the potential of hydrogen as a green energy solution for future vehicles.

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