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BPCL to Set up India's Largest Green Hydrogen Unit in Madhya Pradesh

27 Feb 2023

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is set to establish a 20 MW green hydrogen unit in Madhya Pradesh, the largest of its kind in India. The price bids for the project will be opened this week, and the final award for the project is expected to take place in March or early April.

Dibyendu Sarkar, General Manager-Renewables of BPCL, revealed that the company has received interest from six to eight firms for the project. Once awarded, the unit is anticipated to begin production within two years. 

The entirety of the 20 MW capacity will be utilized by BPCL to replace a portion of its captive requirements, which are currently met through grey hydrogen sources. BPCL has set a net-zero emissions target for 2040, and green energy investments such as the Madhya Pradesh green hydrogen unit are critical steps towards achieving this goal. 

All three of India's oil marketing companies, BPCL, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, and Indian Oil Corporation, have adopted net-zero emissions targets. Hydrogen is an essential element in refining operations and the production of chemicals, and the shift towards green hydrogen is critical in achieving sustainable and eco-friendly energy production. 

The establishment of India's largest green hydrogen unit in Madhya Pradesh will provide a significant boost to the country's efforts to become a global leader in green energy production. Green hydrogen production is an emerging sector in India, with several initiatives announced in recent times. 

India's National Green Hydrogen Mission aims to produce five million metric tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030, with an associated renewable energy capacity addition of around 125 GW. Green hydrogen has the potential to transform the energy sector and has applications in several industries, including transportation, power generation, and chemical manufacturing. It is a clean, efficient, and sustainable source of energy that can play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

In conclusion, BPCL's initiative to establish India's largest green hydrogen unit in Madhya Pradesh is a significant step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly energy future for the country. It is a vital part of India's journey towards achieving its net-zero emissions targets and a cleaner, greener future.

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