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Bradford Residents Invited to Shape Future of Hydrogen Power Site for Cleaner Energy

30 Aug 2023

Bradford, West Yorkshire: Bradford residents have a unique opportunity to influence the development of a cutting-edge hydrogen power site that has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the region. The proposed facility, located at the Northern Gas Networks Birkshall site on Peace Street, could have the capacity to remove carbon equivalent to 1,000 buses daily, marking a crucial step towards a more sustainable future

As the automotive industry shifts away from fossil fuels, hydrogen power emerges as a promising contender for clean energy sources. The ambitious multi-million pound project, a collaboration between Northern Gas Networks, Hygen, and N-Gen, aims to provide low carbon energy to Bradford and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

The envisioned site, a potential UK-first, would serve as a hub for local residents and businesses to refuel hydrogen-powered and electric vehicles. If the proposal moves forward, it could generate enough energy to power the entire bus fleet of Bradford.

Gareth Mills, Managing Director of N-Gen, expressed enthusiasm for the project's potential impact: "We believe this facility will have an important role in helping the area deliver its climate change ambitions, as well as breathing new life into the proposed site it will be located on."

Public Engagement for a Sustainable Future As the project advances towards the hydrogen power site's construction phase, developers are seeking input from the public. A primary consultation event will take place at Ingus Hall, Kala Sangam, St Peters House, providing an opportunity for engagement and feedback.

In addition, a dedicated event focusing on local residents near Bowling Back Lane is scheduled for Monday, September 11. Andrew Newman, Managing Director of Hygen, welcomed public interest and encouraged participation in the consultation events.

Beyond the in-person gatherings, individuals can stay informed by visiting the project's website and subscribing to a newsletter tailored for local residents in proximity to the site.

Toward a Greener Horizon The proposed site is designed to include an array of solar panels, contributing to electric charging infrastructure. Additionally, an on-site skills and training center will play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of engineers.

Hygen and N-Gen anticipate submitting a planning application to Bradford Council later in 2023. Pending approval, construction could commence by mid-2024, with the site projected to be operational by 2025.

Reflecting on the journey, Newman shared insights into the project's potential job creation and environmental impact: "Around 30 jobs could be created during construction of the facility and once up and running, it will have capacity to generate approximately 16 tonnes of hydrogen per day – enough to power all the buses in Bradford."

As the world embraces sustainable solutions, the collaborative effort between public engagement and technological innovation exemplified by the hydrogen power site in Bradford underscores the importance of collective action towards a cleaner, more environmentally-conscious future.

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