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Brazil Shines Bright with Solar Power Boom: 43 GW Milestone Reached

28 May 2024

Brazil's solar energy sector is on fire!

The country just surpassed a massive 43 GW milestone of installed solar power, according to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Energy Association (Absolar).

Sunshine Powerhouse

  • 43 GW Solar Power and Counting: Brazil boasts an impressive 43 GW of solar energy capacity, with significant growth in both distributed and centralized generation.

  • Clean Energy Champion: This solar boom translates to reduced carbon emissions and a more sustainable future for Brazil.

  • Economic Engine:  The solar sector has generated over 202 billion reais in investments and created more than 1.3 million green jobs nationwide.

Breaking Down the Solar Boom

  • Distributed Power on the Rise:  Distributed solar generation, including rooftop and small-scale systems, makes up a significant chunk (29.2 GW) of Brazil's solar capacity.

  • Big Solar Plants Contributing Too:  Large-scale solar plants contribute over 13.8 GW to the national grid.

Benefits Beyond the Sun

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint:  Absolar estimates that solar energy has prevented over 52 million tons of CO2 emissions since its inception in Brazil.

  • Boost for Public Finances:  The solar sector has contributed over 62 billion reais in government revenue since 2012.

Solar Power: A Beacon of Hope

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:  Over 1.3 million green jobs have been created in the solar energy sector, spanning all regions of Brazil.

  • A Brighter Future for All:  Solar energy is not just good for the environment; it's also making Brazil's energy sector more competitive and affordable for consumers.

Brazil's solar energy boom is a shining example of how clean energy can be a powerful driver of economic growth and environmental progress.

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