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Chart Industries to Play Key Role in China's Groundbreaking Hydrogen Production Project

27 Aug 2023

Chart Industries, a global leader in clean energy solutions, has secured a significant deal to provide hydrogen compression technology for a groundbreaking hydrogen production project in China. The project, led by Dalian Clean Energy Group, is set to revolutionize the integration of renewable energy sources and hydrogen production.

Pioneering Partnership with Dalian Clean Energy Group: Chart Industries has been chosen by Dalian Clean Energy Group, a prominent state-owned holding enterprise group, to supply hydrogen compression technology for the Dalian seawater hydrogen production project. This visionary initiative aims to merge tidal flat photovoltaic power generation, seawater desalination, and electrolytic water hydrogen production into a singular powerhouse of sustainable energy solutions. The project is strategically located in Pulandian District, Dalian City, China.

A Multifaceted Approach to Green Energy: The Dalian seawater hydrogen production project embodies a transformative approach to harnessing clean energy sources. By combining photovoltaic power generation, seawater desalination, and hydrogen production, China aims to create a self-sufficient and isolated power system operation. This innovative approach circumvents the limitations imposed by traditional power grid requirements and sets the stage for a new era of green energy.

Chart Industries' Vital Contribution: Jill Evanko, CEO and President of Chart Industries, expressed the company's pride in being chosen for this crucial project. "Being selected to provide our hydrogen compression solutions for Dalian Clean Energy Group’s groundbreaking project is a testament to Chart’s commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions worldwide," Evanko stated. Chart's involvement underscores its dedication to advancing greener energy alternatives and aligning with China's visionary efforts.

Phased Progress and Remarkable Impact: The Dalian seawater hydrogen production project will unfold in multiple phases, with an initial investment of approximately 800 million RMB ($112 million). The first phase will encompass the construction of 100 MW of shoal photovoltaic capacity and 60 MW of hydrogen production. This phase is slated to commence operations by October 2023. Once fully operational, the project is projected to generate an impressive 137 million KWH of green electricity annually and produce 2,000 tons of green hydrogen per year.

A Trailblazing Step Forward: The Dalian seawater hydrogen production project represents not only a remarkable feat in green energy innovation but also China's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology. By embracing diverse renewable energy sources and capitalizing on hydrogen's potential, China is spearheading a transformation towards a more environmentally friendly future.

As Chart Industries collaborates with Dalian Clean Energy Group in this pioneering endeavor, the stage is set for a new era of clean energy integration. This partnership exemplifies the potential of combining technology, innovation, and environmental responsibility to create a greener world for generations to come.

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