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Clean Chemistry Takes Flight: Linde Powers Lower-Carbon Methanol with Captured CO2

6 Feb 2024

Circular Economy in Action: Captured CO2, Clean Hydrogen Fuel Greener Methanol Production

Linde and Celanese are teaming up to create a greener future, one molecule at a time! This innovative partnership sees Linde supplying clean hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide (CO2) to Celanese's Fairway Methanol facility in Texas, enabling the production of lower-carbon methanol.

Here's the lowdown on this eco-friendly collaboration:

  • Linde captures CO2 from its Clear Lake, Texas facility, preventing it from entering the atmosphere.

  • This captured CO2, along with clean hydrogen also supplied by Linde, is used as a feedstock at Fairway Methanol.

  • The process results in methanol with a lower carbon footprint, a key ingredient in everyday products.

  • This circular economy approach demonstrates a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Not the first rodeo for this dynamic duo:

  • Linde already supplies other industrial gases to Celanese, highlighting their established partnership.

  • Just this month, Fairway Methanol began using captured CO2 from Celanese's Clear Lake site, marking another step towards sustainability.

Quotes from the Green Champions:

  • Mark Murray, Celanese: "We're meeting the challenge to produce products with a lower carbon footprint by using CO2 that would have otherwise been emitted."

  • Amer Akhras, Linde: "We are proud to expand our existing relationship with Celanese by investing in our Clear Lake facility to enable the production of essential chemicals with a lower carbon intensity."

The future looks bright (and green!) for clean chemistry:

  • This collaboration showcases the potential of capturing and utilizing CO2 for sustainable production.

  • By working together, companies like Linde and Celanese can create a more sustainable future for the chemical industry and beyond.

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