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Creating a Sustainable Tomorrow: UAE Launches National Hydrogen Strategy

24 Nov 2023

In a pioneering move towards a green hydrogen future, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) unveiled its National Hydrogen Strategy, setting the stage for ambitious hydrogen production goals. Developed by GHD in collaboration with Fraunhofer, the comprehensive strategy outlines a 10-element framework essential for establishing a sustainable hydrogen economy.

UAE's Hydrogen Ambition: 1.4 Million Tonnes by 2031

The UAE aspires to produce 1.4 million tonnes per annum of low-carbon hydrogen by 2031, signaling a commitment to clean energy initiatives. The hydrogen strategy, officially released at the Emirates Energy Forum by H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, charts a course for the nation's future hydrogen economy.

GHD's Evidenced-Based Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges

GHD's evidenced-based analysis forms the core of the strategy, meticulously evaluating opportunities and challenges associated with transitioning to a hydrogen-based economy. The approach includes a roadmap to decarbonize challenging sectors, laying the foundation for domestic hydrogen market growth and positioning the UAE in the global export commodity market.

Leveraging Abundant Resources: Natural Gas and Solar Irradiance

The strategy leverages the UAE's abundant natural gas reserves, high solar irradiance, and strategic global positioning. The nation, equipped with substantial financial resources and a strong credit rating, aims to emerge as a global leader in low-carbon hydrogen production.

National Hydrogen Strategy 2050 Objectives

The National Hydrogen Strategy 2050 sets forth key objectives:

  1. Strengthen UAE's position as a low-emission hydrogen producer and supplier by 2031.

  2. Develop supply chains, establish hydrogen oases, and create a dedicated national R&D center for hydrogen technologies.

  3. Foster the domestic market, develop regulatory frameworks, strengthen regional collaboration, and boost R&D investments for cost-effective hydrogen production.

Accelerating Global Hydrogen Economy: Production Milestones

The strategy outlines production milestones to accelerate the global hydrogen economy:

  • 1.4 million tons per annum by 2031 (1 mtpa green hydrogen, 0.4 mtpa blue hydrogen)

  • 7.5 mtpa by 2040

  • 15 mtpa by 2050

Local demand for low-carbon hydrogen is forecasted to reach 2.7 mtpa by 2031, aligning with short, medium, and long-term scenarios for blue, green, and pink hydrogen generation until 2050.

Strategic Impact: A Tool for Net Zero 2050 Commitment

The National Hydrogen Strategy aligns with the UAE's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and the Paris Agreement. It serves as a pivotal tool in reducing emissions across challenging sectors and contributes significantly to global environmental sustainability efforts.

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