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CSIR-IICT and NTPC Partner for Green Hydrogen Production

1 Mar 2023

CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) and NTPC are set to collaborate on the production of green hydrogen through renewable sources of energy. This exciting partnership was announced by IICT director D. Srinivasa Reddy on National Science Day, where he expressed the institute's eagerness to engage with NTPC for another industry-lab collaboration.

During an online interaction, NTPC chairman and managing director Gurdeep Singh spoke about emerging trends in Green Hydrogen, emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions caused by fossil fuels. Mr. Gurdeep Singh acknowledged that the renewable energy sector is the way forward for meeting the demand for power.

Meanwhile, NTPC general manager D.M.R. Panda revealed that the firm has been running buses on a trial basis in Leh and Delhi based on hydrogen fuel. Although it currently costs about ₹260 to run a bus on hydrogen, he expects the costs to come down once volumes increase.

"If labs like IICT and the industry can help us in making compressors and electrolysers, we can make our country self-reliant in hydrogen production, saving a lot of foreign exchange too as we are importing huge amounts of petroleum products," said Mr. Panda.

This sentiment was echoed by Mr. D. Srinivasa Reddy, who highlighted the upcoming 'One Week One Lab' campaign scheduled from March 7 to 12. The campaign, which will be inaugurated by Union Minister for Science & Technology Jitendra Singh, will allow the public to witness first-hand the research and technology contributions and developments taking place at the institute.

At the IICT, they are already engaged in carbon capture and sequestration, making them well-positioned to tackle the challenge of green hydrogen production. The partnership with NTPC will help accelerate the adoption of this future fuel by bringing together the expertise of the lab and the resources of the public sector giant.

The collaboration is expected to address the major challenge of reducing carbon emissions, which is key to achieving India's National Green Hydrogen Mission. The mission aims to make India a world leader in green hydrogen by accelerating its production and reducing its cost through a combination of technology development, policy interventions, and industry partnerships.

In conclusion, this collaboration between IICT and NTPC marks a significant step towards achieving India's green energy goals. The 'One Week One Lab' campaign is an excellent opportunity for the public to learn more about the research and technology developments taking place at IICT, which will contribute significantly to the country's energy transition.

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