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EDF's Tees Green Hydrogen Project Advances to Final Stages of NZHF

24 Aug 2023

EDF's Tees Green Hydrogen Project Advances to Final Stages of NZHF

In a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions, EDF Renewables UK and its subsidiary Hynamics have announced the progression of their Tees Green Hydrogen project to the final stages of the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (NZHF). This North East-based project holds the promise of producing green hydrogen through innovative methods, contributing to the ongoing efforts of decarbonization and a cleaner future.

🌱 Green Hydrogen Production: The Tees Green Hydrogen project aims to harness the power of electrolysis, utilizing electricity from EDF's UK portfolio and direct power from the proposed Tees solar farm project. This synergy will enable the production of green hydrogen, a clean energy source that can drive industry and transportation towards a sustainable path.

💡 Supporting Decarbonization: EDF's ambitious plan aligns with the goal of reducing industrial pollution and achieving long-term sustainability. By supplying green hydrogen to local industries and transportation, the project will play a vital role in supporting decarbonization efforts.

⚙️ Initial and Future Phases: In its initial phase, the project will deploy an electrolyser with a capacity of 7.5MW. However, the vision extends far beyond this, with future phases aiming to deliver an impressive 300MW in Teesside by 2030. This expansion showcases EDF's commitment to scaling up its efforts for a cleaner energy future.

📆 Path to Progress: Set to commence work in 2024, EDF Renewables will engage in negotiations with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. This step marks a significant stride towards making the Tees Green Hydrogen project a reality.

🌍 Government Support: The Tees Green Hydrogen project is aligned with the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero's vision. The Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, a £240 million program, aims to drive hydrogen production projects across the UK as part of the government's broader decarbonization strategy.

🚀 Partnership for Progress: The collaborative effort between Hynamics and EDF Renewables UK is at the heart of the Tees Green Hydrogen project's success. With a shared vision and complementary skill sets, the partnership is poised to drive the project's decarbonization goals forward.

🏞️ Empowering Tees Valley: This project carries significant potential to make a groundbreaking impact on the decarbonization efforts in the North East of England, particularly in the Tees Valley. The project's scalability ensures its adaptability to emerging needs and the evolving landscape of hydrogen-based technology.

🌟 Toward a Cleaner Future: As EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics forge ahead with the Tees Green Hydrogen project, they embody a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a greener future. Their combined efforts showcase the immense potential of collaborative partnerships in driving positive change.

The Tees Green Hydrogen project's progress serves as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. As these visionary organizations pave the way for green hydrogen production, they are not only contributing to the advancement of technology but also making a tangible impact on the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

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