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Egyptian Electricity Transmission (EETC) Explores Role in Green Hydrogen Projects

2 Sept 2023

Egypt – The Egyptian Electricity Transmission (EETC) is actively considering participation in the burgeoning green hydrogen sector within Egypt, according to sources within the government. Reports suggest that EETC may acquire up to a 7.5% stake in green hydrogen projects or introduce fees for companies using the national grid for energy transfer. This strategic decision stems from an ongoing study conducted by Elia Grid International (EGI), a prominent Belgian energy consultancy firm.

The Comprehensive Study by EGI

Elia Grid International's study, expected to conclude in September, primarily focuses on assessing the renewable energy requirements of Egypt's national grid concerning green hydrogen initiatives. It delves into various aspects, including the logistical challenges of integrating energy generated by these projects into the national grid. This involves intricate technical and financial evaluations, ensuring a seamless connection. The study also explores the potential fees that energy producers might incur for transmitting energy to the grid.

EETC's Potential Involvement

The Egyptian government's contemplation of EETC's involvement signifies the country's commitment to renewable energy and green hydrogen projects. By potentially owning a stake in these ventures or imposing fees for grid usage, EETC could play a pivotal role in the sustainable energy landscape of Egypt.

Green Hydrogen's Prominence in Egypt

Green hydrogen has gained prominence as Egypt seeks to diversify its energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. These initiatives align with global efforts to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

The Future of Green Hydrogen in Egypt

As the EGI study nears completion, Egypt anticipates a clearer roadmap for its green hydrogen projects. The outcome could shape the nation's energy policies and determine the extent of EETC's involvement in the transition to cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy sources.

About Elia Grid International (EGI)


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