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Electric Hydrogen to Build 1.2GW Electrolyser Gigafactory in Massachusetts

1 Sept 2023

Devens, Massachusetts – Electric Hydrogen (EH2), a US-based start-up backed by Bill Gates and strategic investors such as Amazon, Equinor, Rio Tinto, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is set to revolutionize the green hydrogen industry with the construction of a groundbreaking 1.2GW gigafactory in Devens, Massachusetts. EH2's ambitious plans include the production of massive 100MW electrolysers, aiming to drive down the cost of green hydrogen through economies of scale.

Economies of Scale for Green Hydrogen

In a move designed to reduce the cost of green hydrogen production, EH2 is embarking on an endeavor to scale up electrolysis technology significantly. Unlike conventional approaches that involve smaller modular electrolysers combined in series to achieve high capacities, EH2 is pioneering the creation of a "low-cost and efficient" 100MW electrolyser, the world's largest of its kind. By starting big, EH2 believes it can deliver lower-cost systems and, consequently, more affordable green hydrogen.

EH2's CEO, Raffi Garabedian, formerly the Chief Technology Officer at First Solar, emphasized the company's commitment to translating factory announcements into real capacity. He stated, "We have a backlog of customer orders to fulfill and are moving quickly to build and ship the world's most powerful electrolyzers."

Transforming Green Hydrogen Production

David Eaglesham, EH2's Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the transformative impact of the machines produced at the Devens factory. He believes that EH2's approach will enable ultra-low-cost green hydrogen production at an industrial scale, making it a game-changer for hard-to-abate industries.

EH2's unique approach to electrolysis, designed for high-volume, low-cost production, has garnered substantial support from strategic investors. Last year, EH2 secured $198 million in Series B funding from key investors, including Amazon, Equinor, Rio Tinto, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Notably, the company also received support from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the climate-tech venture capital firm founded by Microsoft's Bill Gates, as well as prominent venture capitalists.

Decarbonizing with Clean Energy

EH2 is dedicated to producing clean energy molecules that can drive the decarbonization of industries. With a focus on sectors like fertilizer and steel, EH2 aims to provide reliable and cost-effective alternatives to fossil resources. The company's systems operate on 100% clean energy, aligning seamlessly with renewable power sources.

Local Support for EH2's Vision

EH2's ambitious venture has garnered strong support from local politicians, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. She lauded the company's efforts to harness cutting-edge technology and local talent in Massachusetts, creating jobs and helping industries transition away from fossil fuels while curbing emissions.

With more than 200 employees already based in California and Massachusetts, EH2 is poised to make a significant impact on the green hydrogen landscape.

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