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Envision Group Accelerates Green Hydrogen Revolution with 2GW Electrolyser Manufacturing Plant

1 Sept 2023

Inner Mongolia – Envision Hydrogen Technology, a subsidiary of Envision Group, is set to make a significant leap towards a sustainable future with the establishment of a cutting-edge 2GW electrolyser manufacturing plant in Inner Mongolia. This pioneering project, with an investment of 469 million RMB ($69 million), underscores Envision Group's commitment to providing renewable energy solutions and advancing net-zero technologies.

Empowering a Sustainable Future

Envision Group, a global leader in renewable energy systems and net-zero technology solutions, is on a mission to address the challenges of a sustainable future. Through its subsidiaries, including Envision Energy and Envision AESC, the company designs, sells, and operates smart wind turbines, intelligent storage systems, green hydrogen solutions, and AIoT-powered batteries.

Envision Energy's Impressive Track Record

In 2022, Envision Energy secured procurement contracts for a staggering 19.5GW of wind turbine systems, ranking as the top choice in China. Impressively, 82% of this capacity, totaling 6.7GW, was from overseas contracts. Envision Energy's global presence extends to innovation centers in Denmark, Germany, the United States, and Singapore, solidifying its position as a renewable energy equipment giant.

A Milestone in Hydrogen Energy

The year 2023 has witnessed Envision Energy's remarkable advancements in the hydrogen energy sector. On June 6th, the company proudly announced a contract to supply 1.67 GW of wind turbines to the NEOM Green Hydrogen Company. Situated in Oxagon, Saudi Arabia, this utility-scale hydrogen plant aims to produce up to 600 tons of carbon-free hydrogen daily by 2026, powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Global Collaborations for a Greener Tomorrow

Envision Energy's commitment to green hydrogen extends worldwide. On August 15th, the company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Canadian Funds Management giant Brookfield to provide wind power and green hydrogen solutions for an upcoming Australian green hydrogen program.

Inner Mongolia's Regulatory Approval

In a significant development, Envision Energy's solar-wind power-green hydrogen-green ammonia-green methanol project in Inner Mongolia received regulatory approval on August 3rd. This ambitious project spans three phases, aiming to create a sustainable energy ecosystem. It includes the production of green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green methanol, with an expected full operational status by 2028.

Electrolyser Capacity for a Sustainable Future

Recognizing the critical role of electrolyser supply capacity in its hydrogen business, Envision Energy is set to become China's second-largest electrolyser supplier. The 2GW electrolyser manufacturing plant in Inner Mongolia will propel Envision Group toward this goal, positioning it as a key player in the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

Envision Group's unwavering commitment to green hydrogen and renewable energy marks a pivotal moment in the world's journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. With groundbreaking projects and strategic collaborations, the company is driving positive change on a global scale.

About Envision Group

[Envision Group stands at the forefront of hydrogen innovation, spearheading a movement towards greener energy solutions. As a key player among hydrogen companies, they are committed to redefining the energy landscape through hydrogen fuel and production. Join Envision Group in their mission to illuminate a sustainable future powered by clean, renewable resources.]

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