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ET Edge's Renewable Energy Summit Ignites Conversations on Sustainable Future

21 Dec 2023

Delhi, December 21, 2023: The 2nd edition of the Renewable Energy Summit, a pioneering initiative by ET Edge, a Times Group endeavor, unfolded at the India Habitat Center on December 20. The summit, centered around the theme "Energize Your Eco-Consciousness," brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders for insightful discussions on various facets of renewable energy.

Diverse Discussions on Sustainable Solutions

The summit featured a diverse range of discussions addressing the pressing issues in the renewable energy landscape. Conversations delved into key areas such as E-mobility, green energy initiatives, challenges and advancements in hydrogen storage, harnessing solar energy, prospects of thorium reactors, and the role of policies and regulatory interventions.

E-mobility Takes Center Stage

One of the highlights of the summit was the spotlight on E-mobility, an integral component of the sustainable transportation paradigm. The discussions explored the current landscape, innovations, and future prospects of electric mobility, emphasizing its role in reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

Hydrogen Storage Challenges Unveiled

Delegates engaged in thought-provoking dialogues on the complexities surrounding hydrogen storage. The discussions shed light on the advancements in hydrogen storage technologies, their potential applications, and the hurdles that need to be overcome for widespread adoption. The summit provided a platform to address critical questions related to the feasibility and scalability of hydrogen storage solutions.

Solar Energy and Beyond

Solar energy emerged as a key focal point, with in-depth conversations on harnessing solar power for a sustainable future. Experts shared insights into the latest innovations in solar technology, the economic viability of solar projects, and the role of solar energy in achieving energy security and reducing dependence on conventional sources.

Thorium Reactors and Policy Interventions

The summit also explored futuristic energy solutions, including thorium reactors, showcasing the potential of alternative sources in meeting growing energy demands. Additionally, discussions delved into the importance of well-crafted policies and regulatory interventions in shaping the renewable energy landscape.

A Glimpse into the Future

The 2nd edition of the Renewable Energy Summit provided a holistic view of the current state and future trajectory of the renewable energy sector. As the world collectively strives for a sustainable and eco-conscious future, forums like these play a crucial role in fostering collaborations, sharing knowledge, and driving the transition towards cleaner and greener energy sources.

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