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Exploring Green Hydrogen Stocks: G20 Summit Shines Spotlight on India's Potential

13 Sept 2023

As world leaders converge in New Delhi for the G20 Summit, global investors are turning their gaze toward India's economic prowess and industrial capabilities. Amidst the various sectors capturing investor interest, green hydrogen emerges as a promising frontier with significant growth potential.

Unlocking Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen, a clean energy source, is produced through a process known as electrolysis, where hydrogen is separated from other molecules in which it naturally occurs. For instance, water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and through electrolysis powered by renewable energy, these components can be isolated, resulting in green hydrogen.

A Booming Market

Market analysts project that the global green hydrogen market will surge to a staggering $410 billion by 2030, more than doubling its current size. This growth is attributed to green hydrogen's role as a clean energy solution capable of decarbonizing high-emission sectors like transportation and industrial manufacturing.

G20 Summit Agenda: Global Cooperation in Green Hydrogen

Experts anticipate that the G20 leaders will deliberate on global collaboration in green hydrogen manufacturing and supply during this week's summit in New Delhi. As nations strive to transition towards sustainable energy sources, green hydrogen is poised to play a pivotal role in addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Top Green Hydrogen Stocks to Watch

Investors looking to capitalize on the green hydrogen wave can consider adding several prominent Indian companies to their watchlist:

  1. Reliance Industries: A conglomerate with diversified interests, Reliance Industries is well-positioned to leverage its resources for green hydrogen initiatives.

  2. GAIL (India): A leading natural gas and petrochemical company, GAIL is actively exploring green hydrogen as a clean energy alternative.

  3. NTPC: As one of India's largest power generation companies, NTPC is venturing into green hydrogen and renewable energy projects.

  4. Larsen & Toubro: This renowned engineering and construction company is actively involved in green hydrogen projects, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

  5. Indian Oil Corporation: India's premier oil and gas company, Indian Oil Corporation, is exploring green hydrogen applications in various sectors.

Versatile Applications

Green hydrogen finds applications across a spectrum of industries, including steelmaking, concrete production, chemical manufacturing, and fertilizer production. Additionally, it can be utilized for electricity generation, as a transportation fuel, and for heating purposes in homes and offices.

As the world looks to reduce its carbon footprint and embrace cleaner energy alternatives, green hydrogen is emerging as a critical player in the transition. With India's growing focus on this eco-friendly energy source, the nation is poised to make significant strides in green hydrogen production and utilization.

In summary, the G20 Summit in New Delhi shines a spotlight on India's potential as a green hydrogen hub, and investors eyeing the clean energy sector would do well to keep these stocks on their radar as they navigate the evolving landscape of green hydrogen investments.

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