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Extreme E Rebrands to Extreme H

1 Jul 2024

Pioneering Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Racing

Alejandro Agag, the visionary behind Formula E and Extreme E, is setting his sights on a new frontier: green hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The rebranded Extreme H series will showcase cutting-edge innovations in fuel cell mobility, pushing the envelope of sustainable motorsports.

From Formula E to Hydrogen-Powered Racing

Launched in 2013, Formula E revolutionized electric vehicle racing, evolving rapidly from battery swaps to more efficient batteries that power cars for entire races. In 2018, Extreme E took this further by integrating green hydrogen to recharge EV batteries in off-grid locations using hydrogen fuel cells powered by on-site solar panels.

Enter Extreme H

Extreme H is not just an addition to Extreme E; it's a complete rebranding aimed at making hydrogen the centerpiece of sustainable racing. Agag explains, "The evolution from Extreme E to Extreme H is one of the most thrilling advancements in motorsport and sustainable technology I have ever been part of. This evolution promises not only faster and more intense racing, but also a significant step forward in exploring hydrogen as a sustainable and powerful energy source."

The Hydrogen Revolution

Green hydrogen is produced by water electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources like solar panels. This process eliminates the need for fossil fuels, making hydrogen a "magic molecule" for a sustainable future. Agag envisions Extreme H as a platform to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells, which can power not only passenger cars but also buses, trucks, trains, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Market-Building and Technological Innovation

By being the first motorsport championship powered by green hydrogen, Extreme H aims to set a new standard and provide a unique platform for energy companies to test and develop hydrogen solutions. Although green hydrogen is currently more expensive than conventional hydrogen, economies of scale and technological advancements are expected to drive costs down.

Commitment to Gender Equality

Extreme H will continue Extreme E's commitment to gender equality in racing. "We’ve seen incredible progress in closing the performance gap between male and female drivers, leading to some of the most exciting and competitive racing," says Agag. This commitment aims to attract more women to the sport, whether as drivers, engineers, or fans.

A Sustainable Future

Agag's ambition for Extreme H extends beyond motorsport. He envisions green hydrogen playing a critical role in decarbonizing various sectors, including fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and metallurgy. With key governments like the US, Europe, and India incorporating green hydrogen into their decarbonization plans, Extreme H is poised to be a catalyst for broader adoption of sustainable technologies.


The transition from Extreme E to Extreme H marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable motorsports. By leveraging green hydrogen and fuel cell technology, Extreme H aims to showcase the future of zero-emission mobility while continuing to promote gender equality and technological innovation in racing. With Alejandro Agag at the helm, the Extreme H series is set to revolutionize the racing world and contribute significantly to global decarbonization efforts.

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