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First Hydrogen Bus in India: Intra-city Project Trail Begins in Leh

22 Aug 2023

India's First Intra-city Hydrogen Bus Trial in Leh: Pioneering Green Mobility

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation, India has launched its inaugural hydrogen bus trial in the scenic city of Leh. The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), a prominent integrated energy company, has embarked on a pioneering project to test five fuel cell buses on intra-city routes in Leh. This three-month pilot initiative, known as the "Green Hydrogen Mobility Project," aims to assess the feasibility and viability of hydrogen fuel cell buses on public roads while contributing to Ladakh's ambitious carbon-neutral goals.

The commencement of this landmark project was heralded by the arrival of the first hydrogen bus in Leh on August 17, 2023. The vehicle's journey signifies the culmination of meticulous field trials, rigorous roadworthiness assessments, and adherence to all necessary statutory procedures. As Ladakh strives to become a role model for carbon neutrality, NTPC is at the forefront, orchestrating a multifaceted effort that encompasses a hydrogen fuelling station, a solar power plant, and the operation of five fuel cell buses within Leh's intracity routes.

The Green Hydrogen Mobility Project is a true testament to innovative thinking and sustainable solutions. Situated at an altitude of 11,562 feet, the project stands as a testament to NTPC's commitment to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly technology. The integration of a dedicated 1.7 MW solar plant further underscores the endeavor's commitment to renewable power generation. However, what truly sets this project apart is its emphasis on adaptability: the fuel cell buses have been ingeniously designed to thrive in sub-zero temperatures and the rarefied atmosphere that characterizes high-altitude locations like Leh.

NTPC's ambitions extend well beyond the boundaries of this groundbreaking trial. The corporation has set its sights on an impressive goal of achieving 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2032, solidifying its role as a major player in the domain of green hydrogen technology and energy storage. To achieve this vision, NTPC has embarked on an array of decarbonization initiatives, ranging from hydrogen blending to carbon capture, electric vehicle (EV) buses, and the establishment of smart NTPC townships.

The deployment of India's first hydrogen fuel cell buses marks a significant leap forward for the nation's efforts in curbing emissions and fostering sustainable modes of transportation. The term "intra-city" resonates deeply, underscoring the focus on addressing urban mobility challenges with innovative solutions. As these fuel cell buses ply the intracity routes of Leh, they bring with them the promise of a cleaner and greener future.

The "Green Hydrogen Mobility Project" also stands as a powerful testament to the potential of hydrogen as a clean and efficient energy source. The term "fuel cell buses" encapsulates the heart of the initiative, representing a fusion of advanced fuel cell technology and eco-conscious transportation. The deployment of these buses within the city fabric of Leh demonstrates the practicality of fuel cell solutions in everyday mobility scenarios.

As Ladakh's landscape embraces these futuristic vehicles, the term "intracity" takes on new meaning. It signifies not only the physical routes these buses traverse but also the shared commitment of the community towards a more sustainable and vibrant future. The "Green Hydrogen Mobility Project" is set to reshape Ladakh's transportation ecosystem while providing a blueprint for other regions aspiring to embrace green mobility solutions.

In this remarkable journey towards sustainable urbanization, the "Green Hydrogen Mobility Project" shines as a beacon of progress and possibility. With each mention of "Green Hydrogen Mobility," "intra-city," "fuel cell buses," and "intracity," the narrative reinforces the pioneering spirit behind this endeavor. As NTPC and Ladakh collaborate to bring these hydrogen buses to life, they pave the way for a nation poised to revolutionize its transportation landscape through innovation, determination, and a steadfast commitment to a greener tomorrow.

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