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GAIL Goes Green: India's First Green Hydrogen Project Set to Launch in April

28 Mar 2024

Get ready for a breath of fresh air! GAIL (India) Ltd, a leading natural gas company, is on the cusp of launching India's first green hydrogen project.

This pioneering initiative is a major leap towards a cleaner energy future for the country.

Here's the Lowdown on This Green Giant:

  • Location, Location, Location: The project will be commissioned at GAIL's Vijaipur complex in Madhya Pradesh by April.

  • Powering Up with Clean Energy: This green hydrogen project will utilize a 10-megawatt proton exchange membrane electrolyser, imported from Canada, to produce clean hydrogen using renewable power sources.

  • Hydrogen Hero: Get ready for a daily dose of green! The project is expected to produce about 4.3 metric tons of hydrogen per day, boasting a purity level of a whopping 99.999% by volume.

  • Sustainability Champion: This project aligns perfectly with India's ambitious goal of reaching 5 million tons of annual green hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Taking Green Hydrogen to the Next Level:

  • Smoother Operations on the Horizon: While there might be some initial hiccups during commissioning, the project is expected to be fully operational within a month.

  • Government on Board: The Indian government's recent guidelines for green hydrogen pilot projects in the transport sector further highlight the growing focus on clean energy solutions.

GAIL's green hydrogen project marks a significant milestone in India's journey towards a sustainable future. By embracing clean technology and innovation, GAIL is setting a commendable example for other companies to follow!

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