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Gear Up for the Green Machine: Hyundai Unveils Hydrogen Supercar

22 May 2024

Hold onto your eco-friendly hats! Hyundai is revving up for the launch of the world's first hydrogen-powered supercar, the N74, set to hit the road in 2026.

N74: A Beacon of Hydrogen Power

  • Supercharged by Hydrogen: Ditch the gas station! The N74 runs on clean hydrogen, making a strong case for hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

  • Power on Two Wheels:  This sleek two-seater boasts gullwing doors and a hydrogen fuel cell paired with a 70 kW battery, cranking out a mighty 570 kW (775 horsepower).

  • Benchmark Beater:  The N74 aims to surpass the performance of current supercars, leaving rivals like Ferrari Roma and Lamborghini Huracán in the dust.

A Limited-Edition Champion for Hydrogen

  • exclusivity with a Price Tag: Only 200 units of the N74 will be produced, with a price tag of around $370,000. But hey, exclusivity comes at a price – and this one is for a greener tomorrow!

  • More Than Just a Ride:  The N74 is a symbol of Hyundai's commitment to hydrogen technology. It's a statement piece showcasing the potential of hydrogen fuel cells.

From Vision to Reality: The Road to N74

  • Inspired by the N Vision 74:  The N74 takes cues from its predecessor, the award-winning N Vision 74 hydrogen fuel cell concept car.

  • Gearing Up for Production:  Hyundai suppliers are already developing parts for the N74, with a test vehicle expected to hit the road later this year.

Hyundai's N74 is more than just a supercar; it's a turning point. With its focus on hydrogen power and exceptional performance, the N74 paves the way for a clean and exciting future of driving.

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