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Gensol Bags Electrolyzer Plant Bid: Boosting India's Green Hydrogen Mission

12 Feb 2024

Advanced Manufacturing and Global Partnerships to Spur Clean Energy Transition

Key Takeaways:

  • Gensol Wins SIGHT Bid: Secures funding for a 63 MW/year electrolyser plant under the Green Hydrogen program.

  • Contributing to 5 Million Ton Goal: Supports India's ambitious target for green hydrogen production by 2030.

  • Aligning with National Mission: Project aligns with Production Linked Incentive scheme and net-zero emission goals.

  • Gensol's Commitment: Aims to foster global partnerships, technology exchange, and innovation for green hydrogen adoption.

India's National Green Hydrogen Mission gains momentum! Gensol Engineering, in partnership with Matrix Gas & Renewables, has won a bid to establish a cutting-edge electrolyser plant with a capacity of 63 MW per year. This significant development under the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation & Green Hydrogen Technologies (SIGHT) program paves the way for increased green hydrogen production and aligns with India's ambitious target of 5 million metric tons annually by 2030.

Highlights of the Project:

  • Gensol's Victory: The company stands to benefit from PLI scheme incentives, supporting its manufacturing capabilities.

  • National Mission Alignment: Contributes to achieving sustainable development and net-zero goals.

  • Global Collaboration: Gensol seeks to leverage the opportunity for international partnerships and technology exchange.

  • Impact on Green Hydrogen Adoption: Project holds potential to accelerate the global transition towards clean energy.

Looking Ahead:

This project marks a significant leap forward for India's green hydrogen ambitions. Gensol's commitment to innovation and global collaboration, coupled with the government's supportive initiatives, positions India as a key player in shaping the future of sustainable energy.

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