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Global Students Compete in World's Largest Hydrogen Competition at RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas

15 Sept 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Horizon Educational has teamed up with the RE+ 2023 clean energy conference, creating an exciting platform for students from around the world to compete in the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) World Final. Taking place from September 11th to 14th in Las Vegas, this event is hailed as the largest hydrogen competition globally.

The Future of Clean Energy

Over 200 students representing more than 20 countries will converge on Las Vegas to participate in a thrilling six-hour 'endurance race' using hydrogen-fueled 1:10 scale cars. These students represent the next generation of clean energy innovators, including designers, engineers, lab technicians, and inventors.

"Today, you'll see them designing, engineering, constructing, and racing their very own hydrogen-powered 1:10 scale cars; tomorrow, they'll be building the electrolyzers, fuel cells, solar panels, and wind turbines that will power communities for decades to come."

Horizon H2GP: A Science and Engineering Program

The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) is a global science and engineering program based in schools. It offers students hands-on experience in designing, engineering, and racing remote-controlled fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen. Through this program, students acquire valuable skills in science and technology while developing critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork abilities. Upon completing the program, students are well-prepared for various careers in renewable energy.

Record-Breaking Participation

This year's Horizon H2GP World Final is set to be the largest to date, with hundreds of students traveling to Las Vegas after participating in national qualifiers in over 30 countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Germany. These student-led teams are eager to put their renewable energy engineering skills to the test against the world's best teams.

RE+ 2023: North America's Premier Clean Energy Conference

RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas stands as North America's largest clean energy conference, bringing together more than 27,000 renewable energy professionals and over 1,300 exhibiting companies. The event offers a unique opportunity to network and gain insights through an in-depth education program led by industry experts.

Ranked 12 times in Trade Show Executive's Gold 100 and seven times in TSE's Fastest 50, RE+ is recognized as the fastest-growing and largest clean energy trade show in North America. It has also been featured among the Trade Show News Network's top 100 tradeshows.

The Horizon H2GP World Final, hosted during RE+ 2023, highlights the importance of fostering innovation and education in the field of renewable energy. This event showcases the dedication of students worldwide in advancing clean and sustainable technologies for the future.

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