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Google to Secure 300 MW of Renewable Energy

1 Jul 2024

From BlackRock-Backed New Green Power in Taiwan

In a significant move towards sustainability, Google has announced a major investment in Taiwan's New Green Power (NGP), a renewable energy company backed by BlackRock. The tech giant plans to purchase up to 300 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy from NGP, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and that of its suppliers.

Pioneering a Green Future

This initiative comes amid increasing pressure from investors for companies to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Major tech firms are setting ambitious targets for a sustainable future, and Google is no exception. The company strives to operate entirely on carbon-free energy across all its locations. However, the rising demand for data-processing capacity, driven by the growth of AI, presents a challenge to this goal.

Amanda Peterson Corio, Google’s Global Head of Data Center Energy, emphasized the strategic importance of Taiwan, noting that the region heavily relies on fossil fuels for nearly 85% of its power generation. “The goal of this investment is really to support the build-out of a large-scale solar pipeline in Taiwan,” Corio stated.

Supporting Taiwan's Renewable Goals

Taiwan is targeting an ambitious 20 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity by 2025, with plans to expand up to 80 GW by 2050. Google’s investment in NGP aligns with these national goals and underscores the company's commitment to fostering renewable energy development.

Financial Details and Future Plans

While the specifics of Google and BlackRock’s equity stake in NGP remain undisclosed, Corio highlighted that the investment would facilitate the equity and debt financing necessary for NGP’s 1 GW pipeline. This development is expected to bolster Taiwan’s renewable energy infrastructure significantly.

Google plans to utilize some of the acquired solar power to support its operations, including its data centers and offices in Taiwan. Additionally, a portion of this renewable energy will be supplied to its regional suppliers and manufacturers, further extending the impact of this green initiative.

A Collaborative Effort for Sustainability

This investment marks a collaborative effort between Google and BlackRock to drive sustainability in the tech industry. By supporting the growth of NGP, Google is not only advancing its green energy objectives but also contributing to Taiwan’s renewable energy targets.


Google's partnership with New Green Power and BlackRock represents a significant step towards a sustainable future, showcasing the potential of large-scale renewable energy investments. As tech giants like Google continue to prioritize green energy, the ripple effects of such initiatives are poised to drive global efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability.

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