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Green Ammonia Goes Global: Hyderabad Firm Inks Deal to Power Norway's Clean Industries

13 May 2024

Hyderabad's Greenko ZeroC is making waves in the clean energy sector

They just signed a game-changing deal to supply renewable ammonia to Yara, a Norwegian giant and the world's biggest ammonia trader. Here's how this green pact is a win-win:

Clean Fuel for a Greener Future:

  • Greenko ZeroC Goes Global: This Indian company will supply Yara with eco-friendly ammonia, reducing emissions in fertilizer production, shipping, and power generation.

  • Mega Green Factory on the Horizon: Greenko ZeroC is building a massive ammonia production facility in Kakinada with a starting capacity of 1 million tonnes per year, aiming to reach 5 million by 2030!

Yara: Powering Change with Clean Ammonia

  • World's Largest Ammonia Network: Yara, with its vast experience, is perfectly positioned to leverage this green ammonia for sustainable solutions across various industries.

  • Clean Food, Clean Energy:  This collaboration promotes carbon-free food production and provides a clean energy source for shipping and power.

A Winning Combination:

  • AM Green: Championing Green Molecules:  Greenko ZeroC's parent company, AM Green, is dedicated to becoming a cost-effective leader in green hydrogen, ammonia, and other eco-friendly solutions.

  • European Standards Met:  The produced ammonia will adhere to the EU's renewable energy directives, ensuring the highest environmental standards.

Global Green Push:

  • India-Belgium Collaboration:  AM Green is also partnering with Belgium's John Cockerill to establish an electrolyzer plant in India, potentially becoming an export hub.

Greenko ZeroC's deal with Yara is a major leap forward for clean energy. By providing eco-friendly ammonia, this collaboration empowers industries to embrace sustainability and pave the way for a greener future!

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