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H2 Hype in India: Nation Makes a Splash at World Hydrogen Summit

14 May 2024

Green hydrogen is the hottest topic in the energy sector, and India is diving right in!

Here's how they're making waves at the World Hydrogen Summit 2024:

Shining a Light on Green Hydrogen Progress:

  • India Debuts at the Summit: For the first time ever, India has a dedicated pavilion at the prestigious World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

  • Bigwigs Gather for Green Talk: The summit attracts over 15,000 global delegates, making it a prime platform for India to showcase its green hydrogen ambitions.

India's Green Hydrogen Goals:

  • 5 Million Metric Tonnes by 2030: India has set a clear target – to achieve a massive green hydrogen production capacity of 5 million metric tonnes by the end of the decade!

  • Hitting the Ground Running: The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) reports awarding tenders for a significant portion of this target, already securing 412,000 tonnes of green hydrogen production capacity.

  • Electrolyzer Manufacturing Gets a Boost:  India is also investing in electrolyzer manufacturing with tenders awarded for a capacity of 1,500 megawatts. Electrolyzers are key to producing green hydrogen.

Building a Green Hydrogen Ecosystem:

  • Science & Tech Steps Up:  India's Department of Science and Technology is actively promoting green hydrogen innovation by fostering industry clusters.

  • MNRE Takes Charge:  The MNRE has issued guidelines for incorporating green hydrogen into steel production, transportation, and mobility sectors.

  • One-Stop Green Hydrogen Info Hub: To streamline information access, the MNRE launched a dedicated green hydrogen mission portal –

India's participation in the World Hydrogen Summit highlights its commitment to green hydrogen development. With ambitious targets and a multi-pronged approach, India is well-positioned to become a major player in the clean energy revolution.

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