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Hexagon Purus Investigated for Hydrogen Cylinder Incidents in California and Netherlands

26 Aug 2023

Hexagon Purus, a Norwegian company specializing in hydrogen storage solutions, is under scrutiny following incidents involving its hydrogen cylinders. The company's Type 4 compressed hydrogen cylinders were present in both a recent California fuel-cell bus fire and a hydrogen leak in the Netherlands. While investigations are ongoing, concerns are rising about the safety of these cylinders in hydrogen storage and transport.

Hydrogen Cylinder Concerns Emerge: Hexagon Purus, a leading player in the hydrogen storage sector, is facing questions after its Type 4 compressed hydrogen cylinders were implicated in two separate incidents. The first incident involved a leak in one of its hydrogen transport trailers in the Netherlands, leading Danish green hydrogen distributor Everfuel to halt deliveries as a precaution. The second incident occurred in California, where a fuel-cell bus equipped with Hexagon Purus cylinders caught fire during refueling.

Safety Questions Surround Hexagon Purus Cylinders: The recent incidents have raised concerns about the safety and reliability of Hexagon Purus' hydrogen cylinders. In the Dutch incident, a burst O-ring on a valve in the trailer's distribution system was identified as the cause of the leak. This fault prompted Everfuel to temporarily suspend deliveries. However, the exact cause of the recent California bus fire, where explosions were heard from the cylinders during refueling, remains under investigation.

Hexagon Purus Responds: Hexagon Purus acknowledged that its cylinders were present on both the Dutch transport trailer and the California bus. However, the company emphasized that the valves responsible for the Dutch leak were not the same as those on the bus' cylinders. A Hexagon Purus spokesperson clarified that the valve-related issue in the Netherlands incident does not apply to the bus' onboard hydrogen storage cylinder.

Investigations Ongoing: Both incidents are still under investigation, and the root causes have not been definitively established. The California bus fire raised questions about the safety of using Hexagon Purus cylinders for hydrogen storage and transportation. As investigations progress, industry experts and regulators will closely examine the technology's safety standards and its compatibility with various applications.

Implications for the Hydrogen Industry: The incidents involving Hexagon Purus' cylinders highlight the challenges faced by the hydrogen industry as it strives to establish safe and reliable infrastructure for hydrogen storage and transport. The push for green hydrogen as a clean energy solution relies on robust equipment and technology that can withstand rigorous use and ensure the safety of all stakeholders involved.

Hexagon Purus' Commitment to Safety: As investigations continue, Hexagon Purus remains committed to addressing any safety concerns associated with its products. The company's response to these incidents and its efforts to collaborate with relevant authorities will be closely watched as the hydrogen industry seeks to build confidence in the technology and its applications.

Industry Collaboration and Safety First: The incidents underscore the importance of collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, regulators, and end-users to ensure the safety of hydrogen-related infrastructure. As the hydrogen industry advances, maintaining a strong focus on safety will be crucial to building a sustainable and reliable hydrogen economy.

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