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Hydrogen Highway on the Horizon: Total & Air Liquide Team Up for 100 Refueling Stations

4 Feb 2024

Trucking Goes Green: Clean Fuel Giant Partnership Unveils Ambitious Station Expansion Plan

Hold onto your hard hats, truckers! The future of clean freight is fueling up, thanks to a new joint venture by energy giants TotalEnergies and Air Liquide. Their brainchild, Teal Mobility, is about to build 100 hydrogen refuelling stations across Europe, specifically designed for heavy-duty trucks.

Why Hydrogen for Trucks? Batteries Ain't Cutting It (Yet)

Electrifying these big rigs is tricky. Batteries add weight, limit range, and take ages to recharge. Hydrogen, on the other hand, offers fast refueling and long hauls, making it perfect for long-distance haulers. While electric trucks might eventually rule the road, hydrogen is the clean champion for now.

From Blueprint to Brick-and-Mortar: 100 Stations in 10 Years

Teal Mobility isn't just dreaming – they're already rolling out 20 stations by year's end, with 100 more planned over the next decade. Imagine a network of hydrogen pumps lining major European highways, keeping clean trucks cruising across the continent!

Green or Blue Hydrogen? The Big Debate

Teal Mobility aims to be a one-stop shop for hydrogen, offering both green (renewable) and blue (natural gas with carbon capture) options. While the EU heavily supports green hydrogen, blue hydrogen might be cheaper in the short term. The question is, how transparent will Teal Mobility be about which type of fuel you're pumping?

This is just the beginning of the hydrogen highway revolution. With big players like Total and Air Liquide joining forces, and EU regulations mandating new stations, the future of clean trucking is looking bright (and green, or maybe blue). buckle up, because the clean fuel revolution is about to hit the gas!

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