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Hydrogen Hype Takes Off: Stellantis Revs Up with 8 New Fuel Cell Vans in Europe

1 Feb 2024

Clean, Green, and Speedy: Hydrogen Vans Hit the Road, Fueled by Stellantis' Bold Move

Hold onto your helmets, eco-conscious drivers! Stellantis, the automaker behind brands like Peugeot, Citroën, and Opel, is hitting the gas on hydrogen-powered vans. Get ready for eight new models hitting European roads soon, powered by clean, green hydrogen fuel cells.

Why Hydrogen? The Green Edge over Electric

These vans aren't just about reducing emissions – they're designed for heavy-duty use. Think delivery fleets and long hauls. While electric vans are great, hydrogen offers some key advantages:

  • Speedy Refueling: Fill up in 4-5 minutes, compared to potentially lengthy electric charging times. No more waiting around!

  • Extended Range: Cruise up to 400km (mid-size vans) or 500km (large vans) on a single tank, perfect for long journeys.

  • No Payload Penalty: Unlike some electric vans, these hydrogen heroes won't compromise on cargo space.

From Drawing Board to Driveway: Production Starts Now

Stellantis isn't just talking the talk – they're walking the walk. Production is already underway in France and Poland, with these clean machines set to hit European roads soon.

A Big Bet on Clean Tech: Stellantis Doubles Down on Hydrogen

This move is more than just new vans – it's a major push for hydrogen technology. Stellantis is investing heavily, including a recent stake in hydrogen specialist Symbio. Their goal? Become the undisputed leader in zero-emission commercial vehicles in Europe.

The Future of Driving is Green (and Hydrogen-Powered!)

Stellantis' commitment to hydrogen is a big deal for the clean transportation revolution. With these new vans, they're offering businesses and drivers a powerful, practical, and eco-friendly way to get things moving. Buckle up, because the future of driving is looking a lot cleaner (and faster to refuel) thanks to hydrogen.

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